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Gucci Unveils New Online Shopping Feature: Shop As You Watch

Now you can shop Gucci’s latest collection as you watch. How convenient. Just simply click on the double G and it will take you straight to the checkout page. Love the new feature. It creates the ultimate shopping experience to save time and to take your online shopping to a new level.

What do you think of the new feature?

Video & Image=Gucci

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Gwen Stefani is designing kidswear for Target

Attention to all parents, Gwen Stefani is teaming up with Target to create a collection for babies, children and young teenagers. The collection entitled Harajuku Mini and it will go on sale in store on November 13th and in January 2012, range from $3.99 to $29.99.

Stefani told WWD: “Harajuku Mini is a dream come true. I’ve always wanted to do a cool children’s fashion line inspired by the supercute and playful kid’s clothing you find in Japan. The whole idea is about being creative, expressing your own individuality and having fun getting dressed. Target has given me the creative freedom to design kid’s clothing that is different than most anything you usually see out there with great quality, attention to detail and most of all, available at amazing prices.”


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Kidrobot for Swatch

Swatch has teamed up with Kidrobot to create a collection of eight watches that will be available at Swatch stores worldwide beginning September 1st. Each watch is accompanied by a complimentary 3-inch Dunny.

Artists who have contributed to the collection are Gary Baseman, Jeremyville, Frank Kozik, Joe Ledbetter, MAD, Tara McPherson, SSUR and Tilt.

Which one do you like the most?