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Aldo Shoes For Life Contest

Users who win all three games will get 15% off coupon and are eligible to enter for a chance to win free shoes for life from Aldo according to the campaign title. Aren’t you excited? Lifetime sponsorship from Aldo. Don’t get too excited because it turns out that the lucky winner will either receive a total of 50 gifts cards of $100 CAD or 100$ USD or £75 GBP or €75 EUR or to receive two (2) gift cards of $100 CAD or 100$ USD or £75 GBP or €75 EUR every year for twenty-five (25) years.

The title is kinda misleading. But still, 50 gift cards….I want.

The contest ends on November 25, 2011 at 11:59pm ET. Get lucky and enter now.


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