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Wearing High-Heels and Saggy Pants Are Illegal

Beware what you wear. I never ever, ever, ever thought of wearing high-heels and saggy pants can actually against the laws and could result in a fine. How bizarre.

No To High-heels shoes
Camel, CA
You are prohibited to wear high-heels shoes without a permit. Reason why a permit is required is to protect the government from getting sue by wearers who trip over by the irregular pavement distorted by tree roots.

No To Saggy Pants
Saggy pants, skirts and shorts are prohibited in five metro cities around Atlanta. In Forest Park, GA., violators can face a fine up to $1,000. Violators who fail to pay the fine could result in a jail stay.

Montgomery County, Alabama
“Raise your pants, raise your image.” A $100 fine against juveniles and $150 fine against adults.

Delcambre, La.
Violators can face six months in jail

Do you support or oppose the laws?

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