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Unconventional Ways to Wear Your Jewelry

Your jewelry can do more tricks than you thought ; your jewelry can do more than just accessorize your clothes; than just sitting in your drawer waiting for the right occasion to wear it; than just wearing on your neck/wrist/finger over and over again.

Here are a few tips for you:

1. Earrings you don’t wear anymore
You can pin/clip them in your hair for added fun/sparkle.
earrings for hair - HuggyMonster

2. Necklaces you don’t wear anymore
You can braid your hair with them or
necklace for hair - Jennifer Lawrence HuggyMonster

necklace for hair -HuggyMonster

Hang them below a high bun
Necklaces for hair - HuggyMonser -1

Pin them across you head like a headband.
Necklace for hair - HuggyMonster - 2
Shop House of Harlow 1960 Athena’s Collar Necklace

3. Brooches you don’t wear anymore
You can pin them above your left ear just like Blake Lively.
Brooches for hair - Blake Lively- HuggyMonster

4. Rings you don’t wear anymore
You can use them over a ponytail holder. Make sure to use a bobby pin to secure them in place.
Rings for hair - HuggyMonster

5. Bangles you don’t wear anymore
You can slip them over a high bun.
Bangles for hair - HuggyMonster

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Video : The Making of Dior Couture Dress

How many times have you asked yourself or your friends why a couture dress can cost an arm and a leg? For me, too many times.

Watch the videos to learn how much craftsmanship goes into a mini Dior couture dress from spring/summer 1949. Their impeccable attention to detail from start to finish is unquestionable.

Video : Dior