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Playback Concept

Playback Concept Jewelry Hong Kong

Founded in Hong Kong, Playback Concept is an exploration of blending contemporary art concepts with jewelry and accessories design.

Playback Concept Jewelry Made In Hong Kong
From conceptual art to design, we attempt to re-project and re-interpret oriental culture & values.
We establish our own design language with the exploration of humanistic spirit and historical context; most essentially, the community that we are experiencing with.

Playback Concept Jewelry Made In Hong Kong


Graduated from Visual Communication (PolyU HKCC) and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Arts (Hong Kong Baptist University), Mr. CHAN Po Fung recently works as an Individual Artist in Hong Kong, concurrently the Creative Director of his own design brand Playback Concept. He specializes in Contemporary Jewelry and Contemporary Art. He attempts to explore the blending of craftsmanship with historical context, community and culture.

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