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Nicole Richie: The Importance of Collaboration

Nicole Richie, the Creative Director of House of Harlow 1960, a Hollywood celebrity, and social media darling, but recently she’s added female empowerer to that list of credentials.

Richie hosted her second annual Pearl xChange at The London in West Hollywood, gathering a group of successful professional women, including her sister in-law, Cameron Diaz to share their stories and journeys with an audience.

Why did Richie, a 35-year-old successful businesswoman and busy mother want to add something else to her résumé? “To put it simply, the importance of collaboration,” she told PEOPLE at the event. “With millennials and just the way that the world is working, women are shaping who they are, what they want to become, at an earlier age, earlier and earlier.”

“They’re all so capable of understanding with that comes the responsibility of understanding the importance of being open and vulnerable with other women around you to surround yourself with people who have strengths where you have weaknesses, and to not look at that as something intimidating, but as something we need to celebrate and collaborate on,” she continued.

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How To Wear Bracelet, Bangle or Cuff

1. Try loading up on armful – just stack them up, mixed in various types and styles but do it in chic way.

2. Mixing materials can look rich – but don’t put everything together, stick to two materials.

3. Bare wrist – wear short sleeves and show off the bracelets!

4. One wide cuff ROCKs!

5. Nail It – Manicure can complement bracelet, wear pastel color nail polish goes with colored bracelet, while metalic polish goes with silver and gold bracelets.

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Playback Concept

Playback Concept Jewelry Hong Kong

Founded in Hong Kong, Playback Concept is an exploration of blending contemporary art concepts with jewelry and accessories design.

Playback Concept Jewelry Made In Hong Kong
From conceptual art to design, we attempt to re-project and re-interpret oriental culture & values.
We establish our own design language with the exploration of humanistic spirit and historical context; most essentially, the community that we are experiencing with.

Playback Concept Jewelry Made In Hong Kong


Graduated from Visual Communication (PolyU HKCC) and Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Arts (Hong Kong Baptist University), Mr. CHAN Po Fung recently works as an Individual Artist in Hong Kong, concurrently the Creative Director of his own design brand Playback Concept. He specializes in Contemporary Jewelry and Contemporary Art. He attempts to explore the blending of craftsmanship with historical context, community and culture.

Shop Playback Concept, Handcrafted in Hong Kong.

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Melinda Maria

Melinda Maria Jewelry from Los Angeles

“I want every woman to feel beautiful, sexy and unstoppable. My hope is that my jewelry reminds you to sparkle, to follow your passion, and live the life you dream.” – Melinda Maria

Born in Spokane, Washington, Melinda found herself inspired at a very young age. She would often rebuild her mother’s jewelry to create her own designs.  In her mid twenties she started turning her life long passion into something she could share with women everywhere.

Since its 2005 debut, Melinda Maria has had the opportunity to be carried in some of the best retailers, and boutiques across the United States. As of early 2015, the company is proud to announce that Melinda Maria has expanded internationally.

Melinda Maria has formed an impressive list of celebrity clientele and continuously has her designs featured in high profile fashion campaigns, and worn red carpet events around the world.

As Melinda grows as a designer she continues to be inspired by nature’s natural elements while still staying true to her timeless eye for design allowing her pieces to transition seamlessly from season to season and trend to trend.

Originally launching her career as a fine jewelry designer, Melinda soon became captivated by the high quality bridge market.  She loved the idea of creating a line that looks and feels real but remains accessible to women everywhere.  Her collections have allowed women across the globe to look and feel glamorous on a day-to-day basis.

To preserve the excellence and the quality of her line, Melinda works directly with master craftsman who hand cut and hand set each stone in her collection.  The high attention to detail and Melinda Maria’s signature 14k soft gold plating has become distinctive elements to the brands success.

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