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Kenzo Sweater from Opening Ceremony


Posted a comment on Facebook yesterday (as below). A comment about a purchase that my boyfriend made on Opening Ceremony and for I don’t know what reason, the post is not showing on their timeline and no one from Opening Ceremony has contacted me yet. Well, I guess the purchase doesn’t mean anything to them and at this point, I will not recommend Opening Ceremony to my friends.

Dear Opening Ceremony,
I received my Kenzo sweater yesterday and I love it so much. But, I am disappointed at how it was treated before handling to me. The Kenzo label came off one side and the sweater was put in a plastic bag. For designer goods, I was expecting to receive it in a beautifully wrapped and packed shipping package.

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The Dog Who Saved A 3-year-old Boy

Ezio, the Yorkshire Terrier was attached by a dog that was 10 times his size and has paralyzed on his left side after protecting a 3 years old boy. Now, the family is raising fund to cover his surgery and treatment. Please help spread the word and go to GoFundMe to make a donation. Even $1 will help.

Hero Yorkie - Saved Gavin's life - donation - HuggyMonster

“Ezio saved our 3 year old grandson, Gavin from being attacked by the neighbors vicious dog while playing in our own back yard. He received multiple injuries including a broken neck, crushed trachea, torn muscles and ligaments in his neck. He has had two lifesaving surgeries this past weekend. He is now breathing on his own and is in stable but guarded condition. He is paralyzed on his left side. He needs additional surgeries to repair the damage done to his spinal cord and c2 vertebrae. Without this surgery, he may never walk or play again,” said Shannon Long.

Hero Yorkie - Saved Gavin's life - donation - HuggyMonster-1