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5 Benefits of Resealable Mylar Bags

The days of ordering rigid plastic cartons and cardboard boxes by truckload are over. The market speaks with its vote and it’s decided that printed mylar bags are the packaging material of the future. Besides simply being convenient, here are some of mylar’s main benefits.

Keeping Your Product Fresh

For most producers, packaging isn’t just for looks. You need a material that can keep your products safe and sealed from the outside world. Unlike many traditional food containers, mylar bags are completely sealed from the surrounding air.

Products stored in flexible pouches last significantly longer than those in older-style packages. While mylar’s shelf life can’t be beaten, flexible pouches can also be resealed, making them a great choice for dry foods or ones that consumers use up slowly.

Easy To Display

One of the greatest advantages of pouches is that they are incredibly easy to display on store shelves. You can customize your pouch’s shape so it stands up or lays flat on shelves. You can also print marketing material directly onto containers.

Unlike many other materials, mylar can serve as both an airtight holder for goods and an advertisement. All you need to do is come up with an appropriate pdf, and a printer can take care of the rest.

Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly products are selling like hotcakes in today’s marketplace. Mylar pouches can be recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable. They can also be printed on with non-toxic inks to minimize negative environmental effects. They have a lower carbon footprint than traditional packages and require low energy to produce.

Though recyclable materials won’t decompose like biodegradable ones, they substantially extend the lifespan of the plastics they’re made from. Flexible bags made from second-generation materials are suitable for holding a range of food items. Even the zippers in resealable bags can be recycled, and this means that every component of a recyclable package can be submitted to a recycling authority.

Because flexible bags can be printed on-demand, they allow for a much more sustainable production process than comparable products. Since there’s no need to warehouse masses of them before production, they’re easy to make, and they create little unnecessary waste.

Child Resistant

As with any responsible storage product, mylar bags can be child-proofed. Child proof zipper bags comply with and exceed federal regulations for child-resistant containers. Since bags don’t have any surfaces to manipulate, they’re pretty much impossible for young children to get into without assistance. Adults, on the other hand, should have no problem handling any style of zipper-sealed bag.

Versatile Uses

Mylar bags can be used to store a staggering array of foods and goods. From coffee to cheese, they can conform to any shape or size requirement. Because flexible pouches are so customizable, you can choose whether you need them for cold, room temperature, or mixed temperatures.

If you’ve been looking for the right solution for your coffee, jerky, nuts, frozen goods, or chips packaging, look no further than resealable mylar pouches. You’ll make things easier on yourself, and your customers will appreciate your commitment to safety and sustainability.

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