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5 Essential Bicycle Gears You Need for a Comfortable and Safe Ride

Do you love riding your bicycles in the mountains during the day or night? Well, adventures are always good, but there are certain risk factors involved there. And, although you can’t predict what will happen next, you can undoubtedly take preventive measures to keep up with the unseen danger and risks. As such, all bike riders must pay attention to their biking gears and other related accessories.

Besides helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and other gears, you also need bicycle lights, horns, and paddles as they are essential for a safe ride. A lot of people wonder why these gears are necessary. So this post is going to break it down and explain to you the functions of each gear.

Most college going students and even employees use bicycles as a mode of transport in Australia. Meanwhile, the road bike and mountain bike are a bit different in their features. But one thing that remains common is that, whether you are riding a bike on the road or in the mountains, you need to have a stronghold on your bike. And, ride safely for your life and other travellers as well. So, below is a list of gears that you need for a safe ride, and so, without further delay, you must get started:

  1. Bicycling Helmet

Helmets are the essential gear for all bike riders. Protecting your head is very important because you could be at a life-threatening risk if your head hits the ground or a rock. So, a helmet is meant for protecting the bike rider from any head injury, and that is why it is a must-have riding gear.

  1. Bicycle Lights

All bikes must have a light on the handle according to the law. Do you know why they make the list of top essential bike gears? It is because it improves the rider’s visibility, their focus on the road, gives better judgment, and a safer drive. Light is not only used when it is dark, but it also helps in indicating the oncoming riders about your bike approaching them. Bicycle lights will also assist you in indicating people seeking help. For instance, suppose you get stuck on a lonely road with a light source, you’ll find your way to seek help.

  1. Tire Levers

You never know when you have to deal with a flat tire. Therefore it is essential to always have the tire levers in your backpack. This way, instead of walking your bike with a flat tire, you can easily remove the tire and install it right back after the puncture is fixed.

  1. Seat Bag

Carrying tools, a pair of spare clothes, and other small essentials in a backpack become challenging for the riders. So, a perfect alternative to it is a seat bag. This way, you can quickly pack your wallet, keys, tools and other small items and put them in the seat bag that comes in very handy.

  1. Bicycle Lock

Although not for a safer ride, at least for all safety purposes, you must always have a lock. A bike lock will always keep your bike safe in the place you leave it. Well, there can be chances for a robbery, but you could at least take some caution to keep your belongings safe and sound.

So, these are some of the bicycling essentials one needs for a comfortable and safe drive. However, there are more gears that you could explore on a platform that is dedicated to bicycles gears. Hence, take a quick glance at some potential sites on the Internet, and feel free to make comparisons before you buy anything.

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