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6 Best Kids Book Subscription Services

Subscribing to a book service is a great way to access different books for your specific taste and recalibrate how you think about books. Book subscription services save you the time you could have used researching new releases or trying to pick a book from the many online titles. Book subscriptions are not only for adults but also kids. The best kids book subscription allows kids to choose the topics they are most interested in and engage them when they are away from school. Here are some of the top options for you.


KidArtLit prides itself as the only kids’ membership with high-end literature and process-driven art projects. Every month, they bring brand-new and expert-oriented experiences to inspire the spirit of reading and creativity. Joining this program calls on subscribers to choose a customized membership plan and period suitable for them. Visit their website for more details.

Book Of the Month

If you want the power to choose which book you get for your kids at the end of the month and not be overwhelmed by many choices, you should subscribe to this service. Book of the month gives five choices from the recently released books. Book of the month also has access to books yet to be published. Once this service announces its pick for the month, subscribers are given three weeks to make a selection. The books have a synopsis and reviews written by judges making it one of the best kid’s book subscription services.

The Book Drop

The book drop is a subscription service for readers who want to be surprised and still have some control. It offers eight subscription options: age-specific, genre-specific, and large print. The picks are chosen by publisher representatives, bookstore staff, book club members, and an in-store curator. Your kid can explore a variety of books if you decide to use this service, especially because you receive books you have not researched about.

Wee bookworms

We bookworms are specialists in children’s bookshops and have a good reputation for the best kid’s book subscription. They have six age range boxes from babies to teenagers. You receive two beautifully wrapped books, a surprise gift, a trainee bookworm certificate, and a bookmark every month.

The Little Book Boutique

The little book boutique is dedicated to inspiring, naturing love for books to kids. After subscribing to the service, you should enter your child’s age, dislikes, and likes. Then, you will receive a box with two monthly books, a reading sticker that tracks the child’s progress, a bookmark, and reading tips. The books vary depending on age.

Little Box of Books

The services make a little box of books one of the best kid’s book subscription services. The little box of books curates a selection of books for kids between 0-11 that has brilliant stories from different authors. You can buy a big box and donate it to kids in hospitals, schools, or a library using this service.


Your kids can become confident readers, and the easiest way is subscribing to the best kids’ books subscription service, and before you know it, they will have a whole library full of books.

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