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6 Things You Can Do to Take Care of Your Luxury Wooden Furniture

Wood, an essential component of luxury furniture. It carries an enchanting structure, durability, and warmth that brings grace into any living space. Even underneath upholstered sofas, fully padded beds, and cushioned chairs, wood forms the sturdy foundation. This versatile natural material effortlessly adapts, adding a touch of classic charm and sophisticated modernity to your decor.

In the world of custom wood bedroom furniture, it prides itself on exceptional quality from within and premium finishes. However, just like all natural materials, wood is vulnerable to weather-related wear, dirt, and grime.

To ensure your wooden furniture maintains its allure for years to come, adopting special care measures is crucial.

Regular Dusting and Cleaning

Dusting your furniture daily with a soft, dry cloth keeps it looking immaculate. For stubborn grime and stains, employ a damp cloth dipped in warm water to gently wipe them away. 

If needed, specific wood-friendly cleaning agents can help tackle accumulated grime. Always remember to dry the wooden surface with a fresh cloth after cleaning.

Shield from Sunlight and Heat

Sunlight can gradually parch the wood surface, leading to fading and discoloration, robbing the wood of its sheen. Protect your luxury bedroom furniture fort myers fl from direct sunlight exposure. 

If your dining table faces sunlight, covering it with a tablecloth can provide necessary protection. Additionally, heat can also be detrimental to wood. Keep your wooden surfaces safe from hot drinks and food by utilizing coasters and placemats.

Control Moisture

Wood’s inherent nature changes when exposed to moisture or dampness, causing swelling and potential peeling. Even high humidity can harm wood. While sealants can offer some defense against moisture, taking proactive steps is essential. 

Try to keep the wooden furniture away from damp environments. Wipe away liquid spills promptly and allow the wood to air dry. In regions with high humidity, a humidifier can aid in preserving the wood’s condition.

Prevent Scratch Marks

Steer clear of sharp objects, pet clawing, and toys around your luxury wooden furniture to avoid unsightly marks on your furniture. These scratch marks are often impossible or very costly to fix.

If the damage is too much to be treated with polishes, you can try painting the furniture to breathe new life into it. Also try to place your luxury wooden furniture in a dedicated room or where it’s not going to be used too much.

Periodic Buffing and Polishing

Show your wooden furniture some love by indulging in periodic maintenance. Treat your pieces to a high-quality polish, seal joints as needed, and consider wax polishing for an added gleam. 

Regular usage may leave subtle scratches; buffing evens the surface, eliminating excess polish buildup, revealing the wood’s natural beauty.

Embrace Natural Insecticides

Certain insects are drawn to wood, burrowing within and causing internal damage. While there are plenty of ways to keep them away using chemical substances, it’s best to go for natural remedies.

Opt for natural remedies like camphor and naphthalene balls to deter insects. Naphthalene balls double as moisture preventatives by helping reduce moisturize build-up in the atmosphere.

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