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A digital multimeter is a versatile tool used to obtain various types of electrical measurements. 

These are easy to use and are often used for testing and debugging electronic components or electrical circuits. They can be used in a variety of applications and can function as voltmeters, ammeters, and ohmmeters in combination. While basic portable digital scales are suitable for simple electrical measurements for accuracy and functionality, advanced versions such as the NI 4070 FlexDMM are used. These instruments have 6-digit precision and all the functions of a high voltage-independent digitizer capable of acquiring waveforms at sampling rates of 1.8 ms / s at ± 300 V input.

To measure currents:

A digital multimeter can act as an ammeter when placed in series with a flowing wire or electrical component. When used as an ammeter, the digital multimeter will have only negligible resistance, resulting in a very small voltage drop across the multimeter leads. There are several digital meters such as the NI 4070 that can test both AC and DC currents.

To measure resistance:

It can also be used as an ohmmeter to measure the resistance of an electrical component. The terminals are connected through the electrical component whose resistance is measured. When using a digital multimeter, a small known voltage develops across its terminals, and when a resistor is connected to these terminals, current flows that can be calculated using Ohm’s law. Some digital multimeters, such as the NI 4070, are used to measure two- and four-wire resistance measurements.

To measure continuity:

A digital multimeter is a convenient option for measuring continuity between two points in a circuit and monitoring circuit breakouts. Digital multimeters such as the NI 4070 have a continuity setting that matches the current flow between any two points. Continuity test can also be performed by measuring resistance in cases where the multimeter does not have a continuity setting.

To measure the frequency:

Some can also be used for accurate frequency measurement, an important parameter for electrical devices operating at constant AC voltage. Frequency can be easily measured by connecting the positive terminal of the electrical component to the signal and the negative terminal to the ground.

Sonometer is a new automatic/manual AC / DC scale meter with many advanced features. Both best multimeter and x-meters can be used to test AC / DC voltage, current, resistance, and capacitance. The main difference is that inductance testing is also required in the Sinometer. The cyanometer has an audible and visual warning for the sockets and a backlit LCD display that simplifies and simplifies use.

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