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Are Wax Vaporizer and Humidifier the Same?

Wax vaporizer is among the most popular devices in the cannabis consumption industry today. They let you enjoy the power and flavorful hits from the wax concentrate. You may easily confuse wax vaporizers for humidifiers as some humidifiers are of the same size and create vapor out of them. This article helps you understand whether wax vaporizers and humidifiers are the same.

How do wax vaporizers work?

The three types of wax vaporizers are:

  1. Dab rigs – this type of wax vaporizer features a glass piece connected to a nail and needs a butane torch for heating the nail to the right temperature and a dabber/ loading tool for loading the wax concentrate to the hot nail. A dab rig’s glass piece may contain some water or a percolate. It helps clean the vapor before the user inhales it.

Electric dab rigs are another type of dab rig that features an E-nail and a battery instead of the nail and torch in other types of dab rigs. The battery powers the E-nail which heats up to the temperature of choice.

  1. Wax vape pens – this type of best portable vaporizers are made of a battery, a heating chamber, and a mouthpiece. Once you turn on the battery of a wax vape pen, it powers the coil housed in the heating chamber. Also, the heating chamber has space on which you put the wax concentrate. The hot coil vaporizes the wax concentrate. Furthermore, a wax vape pen’s mouthpiece plays two key roles. It provides for cooling of the vapor and acts as a tap from which the user of the wax vape pen inhales the vapor that the device produces.
  2. Nectar collector – this type of wax vaporizer is less popular than dab rigs and wax vape pens. Both wax vape pens and nectar collectors are battery-powered devices. The difference between these devices is based on their designs.

Unlike wax vape boxes, nectar collectors lack a heating chamber. Instead, they have their heating coils exposed at the end of the pen. Once the battery powers the coil and it heats to the appropriate temperature, you place it onto the wax concentrate of your choice and inhale the vape the Nectar Collector creates.

How do humidifiers work?

If the humidity of your house falls below 30 percent, it may create some effects on your health, safety, and wellness, including causing nose bleeds, dry skin, and static electricity. Besides, during cold and flu sessions, inhaling dry air can lead to breathing problems.

Many people who live in such an environment utilize humidifiers in adding moisture to the air. This act enables them to prevent the effects above from happening.

The two types of humidifiers are cool mist humidifiers and steam vaporizers. Both types of humidifiers serve the same purpose, which is to add moisture to the air. However, steam vaporizers use electricity to power a heating element that heats water to create steam released into the air to add up the moisture. On the other hand, wax vaporizers utilize ultrasonic vibrations to disseminate mist from cool water into the air. You can also find another type of cool mist humidifier, which uses a disk submerged in the machine. The disc rapidly turns to break the water into small particles released into the air.

Are wax vaporizers and humidifiers the same?

Wax vaporizers are very distinguishable from humidifiers. These devices serve very different functions. While wax vaporizers are used for vaping wax, humidifiers are used for improving the humidity in the air to prevent difficulties in breathing, nose bleeding, static electricity, and dry skin.

Tips on using a wax vaporizer.

Wax vaporizers may not be affordable for everyone. Consequently, you should always maintain your dab rig properly. Below are some of the maintenance practices that will ensure you get the most out of your wax vaporizer.

  1. Cleaning your wax vaporizer.

Cleaning your wax vaporizer prevents it from clogging at the mouthpiece. A clogged wax vaporizer is useless till it unclogs. Besides, regular cleaning ensures the device performs consistently. Do not use water to clean your wax vaporizer nail or E-nail. Instead, you should use cotton swabs dipped in isopropyl alcohol.

  1. Always use a dabber/ loading tool to pack the wax concentrate onto the wax vape.

A dabber keeps you safe from the heated coil of the vaporizer. You should be cautious not to over-pack the vaporizer as this creates a mess and may clog it. Also, be careful not to touch the wax vaporizer’s nail when loading the wax concentrate to it as scrapping a small material from the nail can dip its performance and life or even spoil it.

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