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Best Places to Start a Family in Australia

Starting a family is an exciting time for all involved – you’re in love with your partner and now think it’s time to add a third little human to the dynamic. Firstly, congratulations on the big decision. Secondly, you might be considering a move to a different part of Australia. Here are some of the best places to start a family in this beautiful country! 

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Every year, The Economist creates a list of the ‘most liveable cities’ and it often includes some of Australia’s biggest cities. However, one city sat at the top of the list for seven consecutive years – Melbourne. Therefore, it would be remiss to not include this growing city on this list. 

Why do so many people love living in Melbourne? According to a Local Agent Finder, it offers a perfect blend between a city and country lifestyle. As well as a bustling city centre, Melbourne has plenty of beaches and rivers just waiting to be explored. From a new parent’s perspective, classrooms aren’t as busy as elsewhere in the country and this means a better education for your child. 

Although the cost of living is high, you more than make up for this in diversity, culture, education, and experience for both you and your child. 


Look on any family-friendly list and you’re likely to see Toomwoomba listed…but why? Well, firstly, this Queensland city is growing quicker than any other in the country and is expected to keep growing right through to 2031 thanks to all the recent development in the area. You’ll spend your family days exploring gardens and parks in an area where the cost of living is generally low. 


Another popular name for these sorts of lists is Wollongong and this is because of the childcare system. For one thing, advanced and reputable childcare services are available to all children from six weeks to three years of age. For another, the number of childcare spots per infant is higher than in most other Australian cities. 

What about parents? The good news is that Wollongong has plenty of employment opportunities, so you should find something regardless of your field. 


As the name suggests, this is one area split between two. Although considered one region, Albury and Wodonga are two cities separated by a state border and the Murray River. While Wodonga is based in Victoria, Albury is on the other side of the state line and sits in New South Wales. Therefore, you can live in the same region yet a different state to people on the other side of the border. 

Why is this area considered a good one for new parents? As well as the strong landscape and culture, it has advanced medical and educational facilities. Therefore, you can be confident of elite healthcare and childcare at all ages. 


Finally, let’s finish with the capital since it has more childcare facilities than any other city in Australia. Families enjoy Canberra because it has a low unemployment rate while also containing some of the best educational facilities in the country. Despite the popularity of Canberra, traffic is always non-existent, and this makes moving around much easier. 

As your family grows, you have endless options to explore whether you choose the lakes, mountains (Red Hill and Black Mountain), galleries, cycle paths, museums, parks, or something else entirely. 

Elsewhere, you might also like the following to start a new family in Australia: 

  • Wagga Wagga 
  • Ballarat 
  • Bendigo 
  • Hobart 
  • Perth 
  • Sydney 

Enjoy the search and start looking for your future home today! 

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