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Get CA Final Study Material by ICAI to Score Good Marks

Do you also want to get good marks in CA Final results? Use the study material provided by ICAI. There are so many study materials available in the market, but the ICAI study material is the best for you to achieve good results in the CA Final. All the toppers also speak that they have only used the ICAI study material. Download them from the link given below.

Download CA Final Study Material PDF

The ICAI study material will also help you score good marks. How? Read further in this article. Also, know how you can prepare for the CA Final exams.

CA Final Study Material- PDF Download from CA Wizard

Students can download the PDFs of study material that is applicable for 2021 exams. The last update was made in Nov 2020. You should download the new edition of the study material using the link given above.

The study modules are different from the old and new syllabus. So download your CA Final Study Material old course PDFs or CA Final Study Material new course PDFs. Whatever your medium of study is, you will find the separate study modules on CA Wizard.

The ICAI revision test papers and mock test papers are also covered in the Study Material. Students can download the practice papers as well from the CA Wizard website. 

You will find the study material of these subjects on the CA Wizard:

  • Paper 1 CA Final FR Study Material
  • Paper 2 CA Final SFM Study Material
  • Paper 3 CA Final Advanced Audit Study Material 
  • Paper 4 CA Final Law Study Material 
  • Paper 5 CA Final Cost Study Material 
  • Paper 6A CA Final Risk Management Study Material 
  • Paper 6B CA Final FSCM Study Material
  • Paper 6C CA Final International Taxation Study Material
  • Paper 6D CA Final Economic Laws Study Material
  • Paper 6E CA Final GFRS Study Material
  • Paper 6F CA Final Multidisciplinary Case Study Material
  • Paper 7 CA Final Direct Tax Study Material 
  • Paper 8 CA Final Indirect Tax Study Material

CA Final Books

The CA Final Books are available on Once you complete the CA Final registration, you will get the coupons from ICAI. You can use those coupon codes to order CA Final reference books. Here is a list of famous authors who have written books on CA Course that will help you in CA Final preparation:

FR Books

  • M.P. Vijay Kumar
  • D.S Rawat (Accounting Standards)

SFM Books

  • V Pattabhi Ram & SD Bala
  • A.N. Sridhar

Law Books

  • CA Munish Bhandari
  • Padhuka

Audit Books

  • Surbhi Bansal
  • Padhuka
  • Vinod Kumar Agarwal
  • Pankaj Garg

Costing Books

  • Parag Gupta
  • Sanjay Agarwal

ISCA Books

  • Dinesh Madan
  • Manish Valecha
  • Padhuka

Taxation Books

  • Vinod Gupta

Indirect Taxation Books

  • Yogendra Bangar & Vandana Bangar

How ICAI CA Final Study Material will help Score High Marks?

The CA Final Study Modules is written in a very elaborate language with concepts explained in very detail. After studying from them, you can memorize and easily recall the concepts and keywords during the exam. It will help you write complete answers with a good presentation. You can score good marks in the exams because the examiners look for important points and keywords in the answer copies, not just the concept explanation. 

The ICAI CA Final Study Material is updated with any changes in the acts and laws you need to study in CA Final. So won’t be writing answers with outdated information in the exams. 

The RTP + MTP papers + past year papers are also beneficial for understanding the CA Final exam pattern. You can see and practice writing answers for theory, practical, and case study-based questions. Your marks in the mock tests will help you in understanding the weak areas and improve them. 

How to prepare for the CA Final exams?

Here are some tips for you:

  • Take the best coaching classes for expert guidance. 
  • Do self-study as well. Don’t depend on classes only. Use the ICAI CA Final Study Material. Highlight keywords in the study modules.
  • Focus on understanding concepts with clarity and examples instead of mugging up content.
  • For proper utilization of time, make a timetable for every day.
  • Study one subject at a time. Divide your remaining preparation days for each subject.
  • Do smart study for CA Final exams. If the whole syllabus is too much for you, use the marking scheme and study only the selected topics.
  • Revisions are a must. You need to complete at least three revisions if you are giving all eight papers. If you are only giving four papers, you should do a minimum of five papers.
  • Practice the papers of new MTP, RTP, and Nov 2020 question papers.


Q1. Is the CA Final course easy?

Ans. No, CA Final is not an easy course.

Q2. Can the CA Final exam be cleared in the first attempt?

Ans. Yes, you can pass the CA Final exam on the first attempt. The CA Final rank holders are a live example of this.

 Q3. How many hours should a CA Final student study?

Ans. Students should study for 10-13 hours per day for CA Final preparation. 

 Q4. Are the study modules and papers of ICAI enough for CA Final?

Ans. The CA Final Study Material ICAI is adequate. However, you can give more MTPs and use reference books. 

Q5. Which books can I use for CA final study?

Ans. Read the list of CA Final reference books given above. 

Q6. How can I get the ICAI CA Final new syllabus study material?

Ans. Download the CA Final Study Material New Syllabus from CA Wizard.

 Q7. Are three months sufficient for CA Final preparation?

Ans. Three months are not sufficient for CA Final preparation if you need more time to prepare for the CA Final.

 Q8. Is CA Coaching necessary for CA Final?

Ans. Yes, you should take CA Final Coaching classes if you want to get the right guidance and score high marks in the exams.

 Download the complete study material from CA Wizard before starting your preparation. Don’t forget to check the edition; download the latest one for yourself. Also, get the RTP, MTP, last attempt’s question papers with solutions. For the best use of the CA Final Study Material, use the tips shared in this article. It will help you complete your preparation on time. Study with the ICAI study material, perform well in exams and get amazing results.


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