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Can Spinal Decompression Exclusively Treat Back Pain?

Back pain is characterized by experiencing agony and discomfort in any part of the backbone. This is the main reason that people skip their work and visit chronic pain clinics in Edmonton. When this pain lasts for 12 weeks or more then it is categorized as chronic back pain.

Essential Points About Spinal Decompression And Back Pain

The therapists at clinics are trained and have the education to understand the real cause of back pains. They suggest various therapies for this medical condition. The best therapy that they recommend is spinal decompression.

Who Are The Ones Suffering From Back Pain?

It has been observed that women tend to suffer from back pain. This observation has been made on the basis that women do a lot of household work and also handle office jobs as well. But elderly people are also suffering because of their age, recommended physiotherapists in kent.

For How Long The Treatment Continue?

The intensity of the pain varies from one patient to the other. The normal time to be treated for back pain is 4 to 6 weeks. But for patients with chronic pain, it can take up to 12 weeks to cure.

What Are The Main Symptoms Of Back Pain?

The nerves that come from the brain pass through the spinal cord at the back and spread throughout the body. So when a person feels pain in the legs, spams, and numbness; then it means the back is paining.

Are Alternative Treatments Available?

At the pain clinics like Regenerate Shockwave Therapy, spinal decompression is the best therapy; but sometimes along with this therapy exercises, medication and surgery are suggested. Surgery is the last resort when all other treatments fail.

Are There Risks Involved In Back Pain?

A few factors have to be thought of as they can increase the risk of increasing back pain. Advancing age, being overweight, bone-related diseases, and psychological issues. Sometimes no exercising enough, the wrong technique of lifting objects, and smoking can increase back pain.

What Other Problems Spinal Decompression Solve?

Back pain is the main issue that spinal decompression cures; but other problems that are closely related to the back are also solved including Spondylosis, Neck & back pain, Spinal nerves issues, Sciatica, Spinal stenosis, Herniated disc, Failed back surgery, Leg pain, and Facet syndromes.

How Chronic Pain Clinic Edmonton Treat Back Pains?

The most outstanding Chronic Pain Clinic in Edmonton has a specific method by which the therapists complete the treatment. As it is a time taking therapy; it has to be properly arranged and the following steps of the procedure.

Thorough Physical And Medical Examination

On the initial visit; the therapist takes a comprehensive medical examination with the help of MRI and X-Rays. Also physically the therapist by examining the back by hand.

Patient Laying On Stretching Table

After confirming that the patient needs spinal decompression; the patient is laid on a table that is specially equipped to stretch the body.

Supportive Harness is Strapped

The patient is then strapped on the table by using a supportive harness. One harness is strapped on the head and the other is fastened to the legs.

Spine Is Stretched Gently

When the therapist at the chronic pain clinic in Edmonton is sure that the patient is strapped properly; the table is stretched till the point that the patient feels some pain. Then the stretching is slowly released. The patient is advised to lie down for just a few minutes.

The therapy can be repeated if the pain reoccurs; which is very unlikely.

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