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Custom-printed boxes for your demand

At E.P. We produce custom boxes of all custom shapes and sizes that meet all of our marketing goals. It is with our new printing methods, state-of-of-the-the-the-art design equipment, and professional in-house designers that we produce fun and relevant product boxes that get customers excited. More beautiful packaging will lift a product’s value in consumers’ eyes, provide a major impression, and affect purchase decisions in ways good for the better.

As a result, GCP has developed bakery boxes that alter behavior and perception in its customers, which is why they are now offering sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging made from recycled paper. For this, we have an environmentally and ecologically benign plant, which makes coated or uncoated prints.

Every box we build is designed to withstand both impacts and scuffs. To take full advantage of all the design potentials offered by your product and to shield it from damage, it’s best to go for maximum impact protection.


GCP Provides Excellent Packaging Solutions

Communicate the product’s advantages in a convincing and outstanding manner. GCP provides excellent packaging solutions for small and medium-sized companies that are dedicated to quality and consistency. Combining new printing methods with the most effective die-cutting gives consumers an opportunity to increase the value of each individual product in the box and our overall profit. Every product requires different packaging, with careful consideration to meet their individual needs. We have our own printing and shipping infrastructure, which enables us to quickly produce promotional bundles and complimentary offering boxes within a short timeframe.


For the most cost-efficient and creative custom solutions, it is crucial that you use GCP. The package is now provided with minimal waste and minimal set-up costs as well as zero die-cutting and zero human intervention. This means we can provide more competitive operating costs while maintaining a minimum production budget.


Best Choice! No Limitations On Box Size, Form, Design, Or Quantity Of Print

This is unnecessary: You only need the bare minimum amount of boxes or packing materials. We’re your best choice! No limitations on box size, form, design, or quantity of print. You usually place orders for less than 50 cases, which is minimal, and there are no limits to the number of times you can place your order. What’s more, you can order just two cases at a time; but, there is a low minimum order limit of one or less on that.


guaranteed a quick turnaround Our custom bakery boxes and packaging are built in the facilities accredited to Ontario, Canada, or the United States, and use top U.S. delivery services. Orders are sent to your doorstep in fourteen business days or less!


Delivered right to your doorstep: Regardless of where you are in Canada, and how many items you purchase, our one-step method and our attempt to keep prices as low as possible allow for free delivery to your location no matter of time.


Eliminate your crumb preferences and food wrappers to help keep your bread, cakes, and cookies fresh longer

A great definition of cupcakes can be derived from their name: delicious. No one can avoid their creamy dreamy-sweet frosting, nor do they wish to; they are highly coveted by all and utterly loved by all. Nowadays, a cupcake is typically served at any kind of party that features tea or graduation: a celebration that lasts only a short time. So long as I make one mistake, the whole development may be in jeopardy or worse. 

Fortunately, we’ve got special packaging to keep our mini-cakes intact and clean, and delicious. These boxes may look ordinary, but they actually give much more and are vital for keeping your delicious cupcakes intact. These bakery boxes wholesale are also great for keeping the cupcakes fresh, to help prevent sogginess, and to keep the frosting from getting stained, and to protect the taste of the cupcakes from outside dirt and moisture. 


Why Choose the US!

They make delivery a lot less of a hassle and much more enjoyable. They also make it simple to organize cupcakes for parties and activities and store them in a condition that retains freshness and variety. In any case, if you would ship from 1 to 6 cupcakes, then include a double-paned tray so that they are shielded from both the panels and each other during transport. Crafting such safe packaging was always difficult, but it’s now become the best option for your product, GCP has shown that. 

Since we make custom cupcakes, the outside box prevents moisture and dust from getting into the cupcake, preserving the freshness and flavor for you. Material analysts use research to help you choose the correct thickness to decide whether your shipping problems have been resolved so that you can comfortably ship your creations. With our state-of-of-the-the-the-the-art equipment, we guarantee you won’t face hassle while putting together your cupcakes.

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