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Deal With Divorce In The Best Possible Way By Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce may trigger so many unwanted emotions. Because no one wants to end a marriage initially, it is a non-prepared process. Both legally and emotionally, it is a nerve-wracking process. In the case of mutual divorce, things don’t get too complicated. But when there is a disagreement, one of the spouses wants to stay in the marriage when things get really difficult. But with the help of Divorce Advocates in Bangalore, you can get your job done with a better easement. Dissolution of a marriage is not easy emotionally. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

About Divorce:

Divorce in India began with the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955. Under this act, both husband and wife have the right to eliminate the marriage—the rules of divorce connected to religion mainly. Muslims can apply for divorce under the Muslims Marriage Act,1939; Christians are by the Indian Divorce act, 1869.

How to file a divorce:
  1. One of the parties must apply for the divorce. They file a divorce petition. Based on some legal grounds.
  2. Serve notice to the other spouse. This is a very important part of the process. If the service copy is not present, the judge can not process the whole process.
  3. The parties must appear in front of the court
  4. Record statements for both of the parties
  5. Then comes negotiations. This is a vital stage. If it’s mutual, then it will be easy. If they can’t resolve the disagreements like child custody or support or one of the parties is not ready for the divorce, things can get difficult, and it can take you to the trial.
  6. The trial is a long process and indeed costly. If the couple can’t resolve the disagreements, they turn to ask for the court’s help
  7. After the end of the result, the court passes the verdict. This can be unpredictable. So better to avoid the trial stage and sort out the matter in the negotiation stage.
How much time does it take?

When it is by mutual consent, it doesn’t take much time. There must be a six months break in between. If you go for trials, it will take a long time, almost 18 to 24 months.

What are the documents required?
  • Address proof of your husband or wife
  • Marriage certificate
  • Photo of both of the couple
  • Evidence to support the ground where you need the divorce
  • Income tax statement
  • Professional details of both of the parties
  • Family details and background details
  • Details of the properties that both spouses own.

Marriage is considered a very sacred and holy bond in any religion. So, a lot of people think that a divorce is a taboo. If you are the initiator for asking for the divorce, then people might think you are the villain, but the reality is you can not suffer for a lifetime in an unhappy marriage. No one wants to break their marriage but staying in a toxic marriage is painful for both spouses. So if you are hurting yourself in the marriage, find a Divorce Lawyers in Bangalore and end the painful chapter of your life.

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