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Designing the Perfect Mobile E-Commerce Checkout

E-Commerce has become the core of all businesses around the world. Most of the businesses have already shifted online, while the rest are on the verge of shifting soon. E-Commerce allows you to reach out to customers worldwide very easily and has helped businesses grow their brand roots globally. Surveys have even proven that most people around the globe search and buy products or services online. This has made it very essential for your business to be online in order to stand tall in the ever-increasing market competition.

Need for Mobile E-Commerce Designs

In recent research, it has been proven that the number of people using the internet on mobile phones has crossed the number of people using the internet on desktops. This means that the users utilize mobile phones more for searching and shopping for products or services online. This has made it quite essential for your business website design to be mobile friendly and design its elements keeping mobile devices in mind. One of the essential features of an online shopping website in the checkout page. So here we are going to have a look at the top practices to design the perfect mobile E-Commerce checkout page.

1.Touch Oriented Design Rather Than Mouse

Smartphones work with our thumb and finger moving on the touch screen, which makes it essential for you to design the checkout page in such a way that the usability is really easy. The page should be designed in such a way that the touch works perfectly and each element of the website is allotted a perfect area so that it works best on all screen sizes. Make sure the customers don’t feel irritated because everything went perfect but the final page gave them a headache. This will ensure a better user experience, therefore building a good brand image in the minds of customers.

2.Avoid Long Checkout Pages

No one likes to keep scrolling down while filling in information as typing the text in text boxes on mobile phones is a bit difficult. Clicking on the text box correctly without scrolling it up or down is not that easy. Mobile phones even feature on-screen keyboards that even cover a significant portion of the screen while typing. To make this experience better for the shoppers, you need to break the checkout pages into smaller subparts that make the design look elegant and keep the usability perfect for the users. 

Checkout is basically the only page that requires typing details and other stuff. Making this page a 3 or 4 subpages master page can really enhance the user experience. You can divide the checkout page into various parts like details, payment & confirmation.

3.Breaking Checkout pages

Ideally, it is advised to break this page into a 3 step process. This makes it easier for users to place an order and also maintains the perfect look and design. Dividing helps in better customer engagement rather than having a single page that needs to be scrolled down 4-5 times. You can even add a progress indicator on the top of the screen to show how close the customers have reached to place an order. You can basically divide the page into three main components like delivery, payment and confirmation.  You can even use different colours to let customers know that they have to complete the first step in order to reach the second one. The use of Accordions can make this process quite easier for you.

4.Rapid & Smooth Checkout

One of the biggest reasons behind the success and enhanced conversion rate of various websites is the smooth and high-speed checkout. People love when the checkout process is rapid, and thus this increases the conversion rate and business sales. It is a proven fact that customers expect the websites to load faster on mobile phones than on desktops. It is always advised to opt for SEO solutions to optimize the website in such a way that the checkout page opens thrice as fast as the other pages. Thus you can do many things to make the speed better, like removing carousels, removing social media scripts, installing Google page speed and testing the speed from time to time.

Transition is another very essential thing. Making the transactions smooth and engaging is very essential for your business website. You can show the transition in a stacked way or in a next step way. Use of auto-detection or filling, lesser confirmations, big & bold end to end buttons and guest checkout is really very necessary.

5.Colour Focused Buttons

Having a bold and compelling button makes the customer take profitable actions for your business (CTA). Thus using single colour yet bold buttons are always advised to be used in the pages. The use of lighter colours is perfect for the lower priority buttons like back or cancels in order to not influence customers to abandon the purchase. CTA buttons are really very necessary as it helps in convincing the customers to go for the purchase.

6.Big & Bold End to End Buttons

While using a desktop, we utilize the mouse pointer to click on the smallest elements easily because of its compact size, but in mobile phones, it is really very difficult as you have to use your thumb mostly to click. Thus always make sure to use wide end-to-end buttons for major tasks like checkout, buy now, sign in and payment etc, so that the customers can easily click and go further with the purchase completion. Having such buttons even put up a compelling effect, making the customers take profitable actions (CTA).

7.Bigger Labels and Text Fields

Mobile phone screens are much smaller as compared to desktop screens and therefore the readability and usability need to be proper. So always make sure to use big labels above the text boxes so that customers can easily read & know what they need to enter. Also, make sure to have big text boxes that can be easily clicked on. This will enhance the user experience resulting in higher rates of conversion and also increased sales.


Sometimes we have some last-minute questions or doubts that need to be cleared while shopping online and most of the time carts are abandoned due to this reason only. So it is advised to display a click-to-call button, which when clicked asks in a popup form if you want to call. This allows the customers to clear their doubts directly from your customer care executives for a better shopping experience. This not only helps in avoiding cart abandonment but also helps in building a brand image, thus increasing conversion rate and business sales. You can even display your company’s information like address and phone number so that the customers find it convenient shopping on your website knowing that your company is not a fraud and it exists.

9.Guest Checkout

Some people find it really irritating when shopping websites make it mandatory to create a user account, filling in long forms and details. There make sure to provide a better user experience by providing guest checkout options to the customers. The guest checkout button should be bold and when the customer clicks on it, the input fields should be minimal. Don’t confirm things again & again and also try to use features like address finder so that customers have to fill least of information. This feature even convinces the customers to buy products and come back again on your website the next time, when they might even create an account.

10.Persistent Cart

We all are online shoppers, and we will all agree to the fact that we never purchase things in one go as it takes a lot of thinking before buying it actually. Due to this, customers once may check out your products once on a different device like a mobile phone and later on a different one like a desktop. In this case, if the customers have added the product to their cart but later when they open the account on a different device & the product is not in the cart, it can irritate them. So always make use of persistent carts.

Persistent carts help in keeping the products stored in the cart even when the customer closes the website and opens it later on a different device. For this reason, Magento is one of the most popular E-Commerce platforms as it allows you to add a persistent cart to your online business website.

11.Security Certificates

Whenever anyone is shopping online, the most essential thing for them is the security of their information and bank details. As most of the shopping websites utilize online payments, it becomes really very necessary for you to add security features as well as display them in the address bar to make people aware of their secure shopping experience. Usage of various security layers like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is really important as it not only helps in keeping customer’s information safe but also keeps your website safe from hackers or intruders.

12.Expanding Menus

As we all know that the mobile screen is smaller in size and thus displaying all the information together is quite difficult. Online shopping websites need to be designed in such a way that all the information can be easily seen in one place. For this reason, expanding menus can be used to solve such problems. Expanding menus can be used to see the categories and sub-categories or for displaying the FAQs & their answers. These menus are far better than the links as these open instantly without any loading time, offering a far better experience to the users.

13.Right Keyboard Triggers

While shopping online, there are many instances when we have to enter alphabetic information, while some may require numeric values only. To make the customer experience better, you need to design the website in such a way that the right keyboard is triggered at the right time. For example, when filling in information like names, the alphabetic keyboard needs to be shown and when a customer needs to enter information like credit card number or phone number, the numeric keyboard needs to be shown.

14.Automatic Detection & Filling

No one likes to write everything on their own while shopping online, auto-fills and auto-detects make the shopping experience better. Automatic detection can be used for finding the address automatically by utilizing the location services, hence letting the users write the least of information making their shopping experience better.

Autofill is also very useful for excellent user experience as it helps in automatically filling in information like name, email, phone number etc. This lets the users make minimum efforts, which makes them feel great while shopping and hence converting them into leads. Both these features enhance the online shopping experience, increasing business sales.

15.Address Finder

Address finder is a very effective tool for the customers as it cuts down the time required for filling the address by quickly finding the address automatically. Customers just need to enter their name with area code and the addresses are shown in front of him/them to choose from. Thus customers feel great while shopping at your website.

16.Express Checkout

Allow the customers that already have an account on your business website or the customers who have an account on websites like PayPal to make an express checkout while buying a product. Make sure to provide customers to proceed directly to payment while gathering information directly from the account or PayPal. As no one likes to wait, this helps in improving the user experience, increasing the rate of conversion and business sales.

That’s All!

So these were the top 16 points that need to be taken care of while designing a perfect mobile E-Commerce checkout page. These points make sure that you offer the finest user experience to your business customers, resulting in an increase in conversion rate and also enhance the business sales. These points even help you in creating a brand image in the global market, leading your business to the road of success.

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