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Flirting tips for white women who are on a date with a black guy

Flirting is how two people connect, a non-verbal way of letting someone know that you are interested in them. When flirting is done the right way, you can let a man know so many things without saying anything. It is harmless, intimate, casual, and exciting especially if both parties are into it. If you are a white woman looking for first-date flirting tips, read the points below to polish up your flirting skills.

1. Understand the art of body language

As a white girl, your body is your ultimate weapon and you should use it when you are flirting with a man. The way you greet a man when you first meet them can either make or break the rest of the date. Appear confident, smile, and show a welcoming person because that will make a man instantly become attracted to you.

Good posture, maintaining eye contact, and having a playful attitude are also very important for enhancing your sex appeal, and even try to mirror his body language if you can. You will have no problem winning him over at the end of the day if you master the art of body language.

2. Pick a sensual perfume

This is one of the most important things to remember when you go out on a date because men love a woman who smells good. If you as a woman cannot stand being close to a guy who hasn’t bathed or has a nice cologne, why would you put your date through that?

Hit the perfume shops and get yourself a sweet-smelling sensual perfume and spray it on your neck, cleavage, back of your elbows, palms, neck, and underneath your throat. You will leave a lasting impact every time you walk past him or hug him. If you have a special expensive perfume that you only use or bring out for special occasions, now is the best time.

3. Dress for the occasion

The way you dress on a first date needs to be taken seriously if you want to leave a good impression. Always pick clothes that are comfortable, light, and sexy to ensure that the man you are on a date with can’t stop looking at you. A good outfit should match your physical appearance meaning that you need to get your hair done, red lipstick, and some shades where necessary.

Not dressing for the occasion like showing up straight after work in your work outfit will make your date think twice about how seriously you took the occasion. Not putting in the effort to dress appropriately is a big red flag and if you want to successfully flirt with a man, your outfit is part of the total package.

4. Moisturize your skin

The last thing you want while on a date is to have dry or sweaty skin because it is not a good look for women. Moisturize your skin to ensure it is soft to touch when your date puts his hands on you. Men have a very soft spot for women who have smooth baby skin and don’t forget to shave the hair on your legs and arms.

5. Crack some jokes

If you are on a date with someone and they are laughing with you when you crack a joke, this is a very good sign. Use every available opportunity to say something funny and witty to make the guy laugh because men adore a woman with a good sense of humor. Keep the mood light and avoid saying jokes that your date might find offensive while you flirt. As long as you don’t cross the line, everything should be ok with your date.

6. Try to play hard to get

Playing hard to get as a flirting technique works and it is one of the oldest tricks when it comes to the art of dating. When you play your card right, you will be able to know what the guy’s true interests are and what he is looking for. Being on the same wavelength or having similar goals, hopes and dreams as the man you are on a date with is very important if you want them to become your boyfriend.

7. You can tease him a bit

This might sound childish to some people but it is an effective flirting technique that is as old as playing hard to get. As pointed out above, black men love a woman who has a good sense of humor and you can add teasing on top of being funny.

Being rude and offensive while teasing a guy is not a good idea so try to keep things gentle as well as lighthearted to put your date in a relaxed mood. Touching him on the shoulder or hands, nudging him with your shoulder or foot, or even resting your hand on his lap are good ways to tease a guy.

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