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How To Build A Strong Social Security Disability Case?

When you are injured in an accident at your workplace or any other site that has made it difficult for you to keep doing the job you had, then the social security disability law offers you the compensation that you need. Social Security disability services offer financial assistance to those who have been rendered permanently disabled due to some injury.

When your injury has led to physical or mental disability that hinders your way to work and earn livelihood, then you should be compensated for your sufferings. However, it is not that easy to claim your social security funds. Here are some tips that can help you build a stronger case.

1.      Document Your Medical Records Comprehensively

When you decide to apply for your social security funds, you should have a comprehensive medical record that proves your stance. You will not get access to the funds if you fail to prove your medical history.

You should have all the medical records documented. This should include doctors’ reports, consultations, treatments, medication, and therapy sessions you might have been to. This comprehensive record will prove that you did your best to get better, however, your physical or mental condition is not improving.

2.      Consult With Specialized Healthcare Professionals

You should keep your old medical records safe. However, you should also consult a specialized healthcare professional while you are applying for Social Security disability funds.

A fresh recommendation by the doctor or physician can further strengthen your case. Make sure that you collaborate with specialized doctors who are experienced in your type of disability. Their notes, evaluations, and opinions will hold more credibility as compared to an ordinary healthcare provider.

3.      Develop A Work History Narrative

You should work on creating a strong work history narrative. Explain what your job designation requires and how the injury has affected your performance.

You should also explain any adaptations that you had to make to carry out your job. Illustrate your consistent work history and show how the injury has affected your performance, this will help you build a strong case.

4.      Gather All The Evidence

You should talk to the eyewitnesses who testified to your injury claim previously. Gather witness testimonies from your friends, colleagues, and immediate family members who have observed the difference in you.

These testimonies can be a great supporting document that will further strengthen your case and prove the authenticity of the case.

5.      Seek Legal Assistance

Lastly, you should discuss your case and intentions with personal injury lawyers. Seek legal assistance from a credible lawyer who will help you fight the case. You should look for an expert lawyer who specializes in Social Security disability cases.

Legal guidance from your attorney can help you proceed with the case that holds more power to win. Moreover, your lawyer will check all your documents, and suggest further gathering of evidence if required. A seasoned lawyer understands how such cases work and they will help you proceed with the case cautiously.

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