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Tired of Looking at Your Boring Walls? Here are Some DIY Tips on how to Furnish Your Walls with Canvas Prints.

Not decorating your home is no longer an option! Home decor has gained much popularity in recent times, making it almost mandatory for people to come up with ideas to make their home look more beautiful and presentable.

When it comes to decorating your home, people rely on themselves rather than any professional or expert. DIY or do it yourself is the prolonged ongoing trend that everyone can’t get enough of. But while you are doing it yourself, coming up with new and innovative ideas that are also trendy and suitable for your home is not that simple.

When in doubt, you can always go with canvas wall art for home decor. Using photos as decor adds some extra essence to your home. Canvas prints are the most suitable type of digital photo prints used for hanging up on walls or putting up for your table-top.

Canvas Prints: What Makes them more suitable as a Home Decor?

Digitally printed photos on Canvas exceed what you might expect. It might look just lovely in hand, but when arranged artfully up on the wall, Canvas photo prints can revolutionize the look of your home. Canvas prints give a sophisticated yet personal and homely vibe. They are also very affordable and much cheaper compared to other types of digital photo prints. This makes it perfect for DIY home decor ideas.

So when it comes down to coming up with ideas on how you can use Canvas prints to make your home beautiful, you can be more innovative using your touch of personal taste and preference. Here are some tips to help you get started on what you could do.

Well, let’s start decorating!

The primary thing you should keep in mind is that every room has its own personality and need. So decorating all your rooms in a similar or exact same way is not a good option. Try to keep your mind open for different ideas and create variant styles that fit your house’s different rooms

  • The easy and straightforward way

You can always start with something simple that does not take much effort but look extraordinary. Making a large-sized Canvas print of a beautiful scenic area or of a particular vibrant subject can be a great look. This type of look is more suited for a large living room or a precise color that does not have many furnishings around it.

  • The vintage look

Canvas photo prints, when printed after a bit of editing, can look vintage. When these Canvas prints are framed in vintage style frames and paired with the right vintage or vintage-looking furnishings, it can give the perfect vintage touch to your decor.

  • Making everything a little bit fun with colors

Who doesn’t like little color splashes! If you are one who likes to have some fun, then you can use colorful photo prints on canvases. Printing photos with vibrant colors for contrasting colors to walls is needed for this look. You can also print different colors on the Canvas instead of any picture. Then arranging them in your desired trendy way can give you that out-of-the-box look.

  • Turn your home into a gallery.

If you have larger space on your walls to cover, then you can also create a museum-like look for your decor. Printing famous portraits or art pieces by renowned artists and then arranging them on the wall in a particular pattern can make your home look like a gallery or museum.

This can be an even more fantastic idea if you have a long corridor or hallway with continuous walls on either side.

  • The collage wall

Creating a collage of photos and then printing it on one large Canvas can be one way of decorating your wall. Photo collage canvas is more suited for larger prints. Or you can print different photos of one particular subject or of a particular day that is personal to you into multiple canvases. After printing, you can arrange these photos in different patterns to make your world look more trendy. Canvas collage is a great new way of displaying personal photos such as photos of your children’s wedding days or photos or of pets or even travel photos.

  • Embracing monochromes

Monochromes are a raging trend now. And it is trendy for the most appropriate reasons. Monochromes are a unique touch of art and sophistication to any decor and give the place an upscale ambiance. Darker monochromatic walls are most suited for hardwood and antic furnishing. But if you are going for modern furnishing then choosing more pop monochromes can be a better choice.

  • The pop-art wall

Pop art never goes out of style. Instead, it is gaining more popularity in recent times. Many clubs and restaurants are preparing pop art decor over other types of decor to give out a more trendy                 Instagrammable look. When paired with chic modern furnishing, a Pop-up art wall at home can also look great. Printing pop art on Canvas prints looks impressive. Canvas print adds a texture to the photo that makes it look more authentic and suited for the time.

  • Triptych it all the way.

Triptych is a way of dividing your photos into multiple frames. Instagram has more popularized this in recent times. You can triptych a photo, and Ben arrange it to look like one large Canvas. This makes the photo look more dynamic and gives it more depth that changes your entire room’s look rather than just the wall it’s mounted on.

Get Creative, Go!

Now that you have the basic startup for your idea, you can come up with some personalized Canvas print ideas for your home. You can now order Canvas prints from online websites too. Several online canvas print websites now even let you personalize photos as well as canvas sizes and types according to your desire.

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