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How To Keep Offices Protected From a Future Covid Outbreak?

Covid or coronavirus has caused havoc in offices all around the world. The coronaviruses are a broad family of viruses. These illnesses range from the common cold to more severe disorders like life-threatening respiratory disorders, as per the WHO. The virus can quickly spread from animals to humans. Thus, regular hand washing, covering your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, properly cooking your food, and avoiding close contact with people who may be showing signs of respiratory disorders like sneezing or coughing are standard solutions to prevent further outbreaks. However, with the new COVID variants rising, offices need to follow strict health precautions to prevent another attack.

Protect Surfaces With Antimicrobial Films

You cannot ask the workers to work without keeping their hands on the table. However, it can protect the tables by installing antimicrobial films. These antimicrobial films have been treated with chemical agents to prevent the growth of any bacteria or viruses. Thus, such tables will prevent the development of viruses and bacteria, but any bacteria or virus that gets transmitted to the table will also die due to the antimicrobial property. If you plan to get antimicrobial films installed on your furniture, check out silver micron.

Limit The Surfaces That Employees Touch With Their Hands

Doors do not require hands can be swung open in either direction by pushing them with your shoulder or foot. All rooms, including the washrooms, should have motion lights. All the washroom amenities should have motion sensors installed. This has become a standard for most new offices. However, those offices that do not have this feature should be established as soon as possible.

Embrace Technology

Ensure that your office environment encourages cooperation amongst the workers and promotes remote work. On days when employees feel sick, they can have a job from home. However, to ensure a smooth transition from office days to work from home, there should be pilot programs that help the workers become efficient in working from home.

Install Antimicrobial Films On Countertops And Pantry

The pantry room, the desk with the coffee machine, etc., should all have antimicrobial films covering them. An office is not a space that has a limited number of employees. The traffic is constantly in flux. You cannot ensure complete protection no matter how often you get the floors sanitized and the tables wiped. However, if you get antimicrobial films installed like silver micron desk plank, you can guarantee the protection of the table surface for at least six months. This will lose the hassle of constant sanitation and save the office money.

Health is a crucial factor. It is essential at an individual level and a corporate level. If your employees fall sick, who will work? Therefore, modify the office to act as a shield against COVID.

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