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How Vivo Established Himself As A Brand In India?

The evolution of the smartphone industry over the past few years is quite noteworthy. According to IDC (International Data Corporation),smartphone manufacturing and sale showed a significant rise of 17% in the third quarter of 2020.

Vivo mobile 10000 not only sailed through the days of hardship, but it also stood as a strong contender against brands like Xiaomi (with 25% market share) and Samsung (with 22.3% market share). With the statistics, one can easily conclude that Vivo has established its consumer base in India, which remained untouched even during the pandemic.


How Vivo got success in establishing itself as a brand against such well-settled smartphone manufacturers? Several factors played a major role in making Vivo one of India’s most sought-after mobile brands.

Not only the high-range mobiles but a Vivo mobile under 10000 also offers a number of great features. Keeping the price low and the quality high, Vivohas given tough competition to its rivals and the top brands.

With its continuous new introductions, Vivo has to live up to consumers’ expectations of high-quality smartphones under ordinary people’s reach.From Vivo Y91i to Vivo V17 pro, this mobile manufacturer has not compromised on the quality. Be it the internal storage or the picture quality; everything comes at top-quality when it comes to Vivosmartphones.

The specifications and functionalities in Vivo smartphones have proved to be better than a few of the leading mobile manufacturers. If you check the specifications individually, you will find that each handset has desired qualities a person looks for while buying a smartphone.

The specifications range from 3GB RAM to 32GB storage. What makes Vivo unique is the camera; even in smartphones below 10000, Vivo is offering high-quality front and back cameras. Few of the low-priced Vivo phones come with 4030mAh of battery. Itensuresthat you have a smooth movie watching season or a disturbance-free gaming period.

Vivo has just launched ‘Make In India’ Logo

With its popularity among young minds,Vivo is now planning to strengthen its monopoly by focusing its investment in the Indian Economy. To win the heart of Indian consumers, Vivo held a contest called ‘Make in India Logo’. Vivo On 23rd May 2020, announced the winner and released its Maki-In-India Logo. It has further strengthened the market position of Vivo.

Vivo values the customer

The driving force behind the rise of a brand is its customers. Vivo has always made sure to value the customers. Understanding the need of each individual, Vivo has taken the step to offer high-end features even in the low-priced smartphones. This aggressive pricing strategy has contributed to a great level in making this mobile manufacturing company a high-end brand today. It promises to introduce the best phone in India for a long time.

Wish to buy the best Vivo Phone?

If you have a reasonable budget and desire high-end specifications, you should buy Vivo V X50 pro.It is the best phone in India manufactured by Vivo under the flagship tag. The handset is a popular choice among all ages for its quality and specifications. However, you will get ample options below Rs.10000 also.

Lastly, the x50 Pro has 8x telescoip9oc zoom, which is a game-changer

Here is another reason why VIVO has established itself in the Indian market in a short period. As promised, the Vivo keeps producing the best and budget-friendly phones for Indians and people worldwide.

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