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Huawei Y6

Huawei comes with new product like Y6. The Huawei Y6  is a device that has a lot of power for the money. The Huawei Y6 (2019) leverages a 3020mAh battery with intelligent battery optimization. The device looks modern and has a decent display. Huawei factory fits a screen protector that protects the display, but it is difficult to remove and makes the display feel cheaper because of it. The Y6 is currently available in black, blue, or gold. The Huawei Y6 2019 Review comes with the quad-core MediaTek MT6761 processor which is accompanied by 2 GB RAM.

Likewise, the device is thin at 7.8 mm (~0.3 in) thick; although this means that the rear camera module protrudes by around 0.5 mm.  It allows the user to do without an app drawer (but this can be activated) and also provides access to additional Huawei apps such as Designs In this price range, no-one can complain about having 32 GB of storage with the possibility to expand it by up to 512 GB quite the contrary. However, some gaps are to be found when looking at the specifications in detail.

How this can lead to the advertised outstanding performance is only known by Huawei’s marketing department. On the other hand, this is a typical, almost good configuration for an entry-level smartphone. However, Huawei has opted for a new case that incorporates narrower display bezels and helps make the Y6 look more modern than its predecessor. The display does distort when pressed hard, but only marginally so. It is worth noting that during calls we heard a faint background noise.

The microphone is sensitive, which is both a good. If you want good quality on low price then this phone is best for your use. Equally, while we could twist our review unit it did not creak or make cracking sounds when we did so. The frame catches the light, while the back is matte, the texture of which resists fingerprints well. Weighing 150 g, the Y6 is a light smartphone that weighs light. While the back is made from plastic, the case frame is made from metal.

The removable back of last year’s model has gone, with Huawei moving the SIM slot from beneath the back case to the left-hand side of the frame. The Y6 2019 has a 13 MP rear camera with a monochrome flash and a 5 MP front-facing camera. These are solid specs for a smartphone in this price range. The Huawei smartphone was the fastest among all comparison devices at receiving data. The 12nm chipset, 2GB RAM and large 32GB ROM expandable memory of the Huawei Y6 (2019) can store all content and has the ability to multitask smoothly.

The Y6 2019 has decent call quality. Broadly, the Y6 reflects Huawei’s design traditions. Huawei has installed Android 9 Pie on the Y6 (2019) and has also added its own features through its EMUI 9.0.1 custom user interface. The earpiece sounds loud at no cost to clarity, with voices reproduced clearly during calls. Talking over speakerphone works well too, with voices sounding clear and undistorted. However, the microphone is not sensitive enough to capture soft voices yet breaks off with loud voices. On the one hand, the microphone picks up quiet voices well.

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