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If you’re thinking about learning how to skydive, take a serious look at Skydive Chicago.

Skydio Chicago is located in the vicinity of Ottawa, Illinois, not in Chicago. It is a landing site specializing in first and second jumping, giving lessons for beginners with experienced parachute jumping.

What are you waiting for to jump with Skydive Chicago?

When you first arrive at the 220-acre facility, be prepared to sign loads of forms. Disclaimers and bail documents are available, and most new skaters state in these articles that you cannot sue if Skydive Chicago is killed or otherwise injured.

Only after you’ve signed all the necessary forms, get ready to learn!

The skydiving training facility is top-notch and it takes a lot of time to tell you what to expect and how to do it when jumping out of a plane. Details included landing procedures, and most suggested that each instruction be addressed twice.

Each new jacket must be dipped in “fit” at least twice, which means the Chicago Skydow is attached to you “on your back”. This avoids fear and mistakes because your parachuting expert is there to guide you through the first divers.

Many people commented on how safe they felt with their partner, and this partner made diving fun and a wonderful experience. Also, dual coaches actually teach jumpers how to parachute.

2 Men in Red Jacket and Blue Denim Jeans Holding Yellow Blue and Red Parachute

When you arrive in free fall

You can expect a rush!

Be prepared to hike from 0 mph to 120 mph in about two seconds. The acceleration forces pulling on you can also have difficulty breathing, as you’ll drop below about 13,500 feet. (Remember, pilots must use oxygen at 10,000 feet!) This will stretch the screaming bone up to 6,000 feet and it will be easier to breathe.

Jumpers can easily choose to swim on the ground or do some simple moves with the help of tandem trainers.

Some of the jumpers said they felt a bit nauseous, and some said they “stood up” as soon as breakfast fell. You don’t want to have a big breakfast or lunch before you jump in. And before you jump in, you might want to consider taking some drama or other motion sickness medication.

Security matters

Skydiving can be fatal, so safety is taken very seriously at Skydive Chicago. The teachers cover every detail with you, so you can be sure you won’t get with you.

Many parachutists, hoping to go to skydiving Chicago, commented in detail on the interest of their guests. Weather plays an important role in whether or not planned skydiving is permitted, and whether strong winds, rains, thunderstorms, thunderstorms and other weather factors can cause a planned jump to the ground.

Skydive has a large area on Chicago’s rooftop and aims to get inside so that you can visit their property. Another advantage of this landing zone is that there are no power lines to avoid, which makes jumping safer.

Coincidentally, Skydio Chicago also offers a resort with swimming and fishing along the lake, a full restaurant, and clean campground showers and toilets.

What do you expect to spend?

The cost of the Chicago skydiving experience is approximately 9,209 per jump. The company also offers internet and special birthday offers for “Tandem Tuesday”. Birthdays and special days on Tuesday will save you about 20. If you book the second tandem jump within a week of the original tandem, you’ll get a second jump for half the price, so if you stop skydiving, you may gain an advantage. . This special

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