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Know the roles and responsibilities of a aws certified solutions architect

For individuals who wish to build a career in cloud computing, AWS certified solutions architect is one of the best job roles to pursue. It happens to be a lucrative career path with ample job opportunities. This is primarily due to the popularity of AWS as a cloud service provider. Completing courses in AWS to become a solutions architect would undoubtedly pay off.

Who are AWS-certified solutions architects? What are the roles and responsibilities?

AWS solution architects are professionals responsible for the management of the AWS cloud infrastructure of an organization. They perform several crucial tasks in ensuring that the cloud infrastructure would function flawlessly. The roles and responsibilities of an AWS certified solutions architect are:

  • Using AWS technologies and services to come up with solutions for various business problems.
  • Analyzing the requirements of an organization and recommending products accordingly.
  • Looking for risks that a company would face due to third-party platforms, products, and software.
  • Ensuring a flawless implementation of the architectural tools by working with the AWS cloud developer team.
  • Scaling the AWS infrastructure based on the future requirements of the business.
  • Creating a highly competing solution architect team that can help carry forward the business’s development goals.
  • Determining the designs of various AWS applications.
  • Collaborating with the enterprise architect
  • Choosing the modules to use for the applications and determining how they would interact.
  • Covering different solution areas by preparing and presenting lab reports, test plans, analyst briefings, and technical presentations.
  • Picking the tech stacks, frameworks, and platforms for applications.

Each of these roles and responsibilities is crucial for smooth cloud computing functions in a company. Completing the relevant courses helps to build up the skills necessary for this job role.

What are the skills that an AWS solutions architect would need?

This job role calls for highly skilled professionals. To be successful, a solutions architect would need a mix of hard and soft skills.

  • Technical skills: This is essentially a technical domain, and a professional would need excellent technical skills in architecting with AWS. The technical know-how is what allows the solutions architects to meet various business requirements. If you aim to become a solutions architect, you would have to learn the various AWS services and tools. An AWS certification course would help to acquire the necessary technical skills.
  • Analytical skills: Building and managing AWS infrastructures involves various tools, services, platforms, and products. Hence, a solutions architect must carry out in-depth analyses and examinations of a system to come up with personalized solutions. These professionals are also responsible for gauging the requirements and the scope of a project.
  • Leadership skills: Certified solution architects form and lead architecture teams in an enterprise environment. This requires superior leadership skills. Obtaining the AWS training and certification also helps to grow the confidence and skills for overseeing the entire development lifecycle of projects.
  • Problem-solving: A solution architect must be great at solving problems. Using these skills, the solution architects come up with various strategies to solve the business requirements. Problem-solving skills also help the professionals to adapt to changes in client requirements and system limitations quickly.
  • Time management skills: In this field of work, professionals have to perform their roles under major time constraints to meet deadlines. This calls for great time management skills for optimum results. This is another reason why adequate AWS certification training with hands-on experience is essential.
  • Communication skills: A solutions architect has to coordinate with clients, architecture teams, IT development teams, external vendors, and more. Well-developed communication skills are of great help in this aspect.

When do companies need solutions architects?

Not every project requires solution architecture. Companies tend to hire professionals with an AWS DevOps cloud certification during complex projects. In other cases, companies hire solutions architects, when:

  • They need to determine the best solution for their business ecosystem
  • The project involves various risks
  • Multiple teams are working together on the project
  • The company is presenting a future product to the investors

The demand for professionals skilled in cloud security and architecture is rising sharply. Completing courses that cover AWS solution architecture from reputed institutes like Koenig would undoubtedly be worth the effort.

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