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Learning to Write in Cursive Alphabet

When kids start going to school, the first thing they learn is the alphabet. A for apple, B for ball, C for car, and it goes on and on. They will also learn to write the alphabet at this stage, but mostly, they will be writing in capital letters or small letters. It is only when they reach a higher grade they are taught about cursive writing. While some will find this cursive alphabet amusing, others will detest it and consider it to be difficult.

Learning to write in cursive is a wonderful activity for children. More than making their handwriting pretty and clean, writing in the cursive alphabet has other advantages. We will understand the advantages of cursive writing in this article and see a small tip to master writing cursive capital letters. If you think that teaching cursive writing to children is simply a waste of time, read the below points and be satisfied with the outcome of learning cursive writing.

Benefits of Cursive Writing

The writing will look neat and attractive when we follow the cursive alphabet. By practising cursive writing, children will be able to write in legible handwriting, and they will feel encouraged to read and learn the lessons. Here, we will be looking at some of the important benefits of learning cursive writing, and we can understand how it will help in their growth.

  • Cursive writing improves the motor skills of children – Since it has become more common to type than write today due to the invention of computers and other electronic gadgets, children tend to consider cursive writing to be an age-old skill. But they do not know how their hand muscles get good exercise while practising the cursive alphabet. Hence, it will be good if they engage in cursive writing so that they will be able to hone their fine motor skills as well as improve their mental efficiency.
  • Children learn to write faster through cursive writing – We might have seen how kids write slowly and take more than the required time to complete writing a sentence or paragraph. Though it may not be an issue now, it will be a huge problem when they start writing the exams and find it difficult to complete them in time. Since cursive writing involves joined letters and words, they will be able to gradually attain speed in writing and build their concentration.
  • Cursive writing will make children self-disciplined – As cursive writing can not be mastered in one or two days, a lot of hard work must be put in by children to master this art. In this way, they will recognise and start appreciating their efforts, thus instilling a sense of discipline in them. Besides, cursive writing will make them intelligent as the brain will be functioning to process multiple pieces of information at a time.

Now that we have seen the advantages of cursive writing for kids, let us see how to teach them to write the cursive alphabet and cursive capital letters.

Tips to Teach Cursive Alphabet

As we have understood the importance of cursive writing for children, let us show them how to write in cursive. We must not give them a shock by introducing every cursive letter at a time. Instead, we must give one letter at a time and only move on to the next when we are sure that they have learnt the previous one. It is better to start with small cursive letters, and by grouping them with the letters which have a similar form, they will quickly learn to write them in cursive.

Once they are experts in writing cursive small letters, let us move on to the capital letters. Introducing tracing sheets for learning cursive writing will be helpful for kids. Through this, they will acquire the patience and practice to learn any complex cursive capital letters. From letters to simple words and sentences, they will slowly get the hang of writing in the cursive alphabet. You can present your kids with a wide collection of learning materials and resources from BYJU’S website.

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