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Realities You Need to Know Before Taking A Trip to Andaman as well as Nicobar

The moment you listen to the name Andaman and Nicobar, you start imagining the blue-green blue sea, the silvery sand-covered coastlines, the substantial series of the vegetation and fauna as well as most notably the in various Marine pets. If you are planning to see this wonderful area, then you should understand the essential truths regarding this area. The Andaman and Nicobar are a part of the island chain, where most of the islands have not been explored yet. Only 36 of the 572 islands are open for travelers. The name of the place Andaman has a fascinating story behind it. As per the mythology, Lord Hanuman landed in this land while going to Lanka, and that’s why this place has been named after him (Andaman is a Malay word for Hanuman). Below are the intriguing truths about Andaman and Nicobar island Tours.

Turtle nesting

Andaman and also Nicobar are renowned for having the biggest sea turtles. The huge lather-back turtles involve Andaman and Nicobar with their flock as well as can be seen nestling in various locations of this area. It is an attraction for vacationers. While making a trip to Andaman, choose the December-January timings and also visit the center and north Andaman to see the turtles.

Mysterious people

Andaman, Nicobar is synonymous with a secret. There are different strange realities regarding this area and also, they are past any kind of logic and also explanation. The “Jarwa” people are just one of them. They are less than 500 in number and also, they don’t speak to the outsiders. They are extinct over the years however still the Sentinel island is a residence for them.


The volcano itself is a wonder of nature and if it is in India, that’s the largest marvel. Yes! The only active volcano in the whole southerly Asia is in Andaman and also Nicobar Island. The name of the volcano is Barren Island, located 135 Kilometers far from the port Blair.

The Jal Hans

No, it is none creature. Jal Hans is India’s initial aquatic aircraft which was released in 2013. Jal Hans is an 8-seater Cessna with modern navigation attributes and can travel up to 250 KM in an hr. So, if you are planning for tours in Andaman and Nicobar island, take a ride in this seaplane.

The amazing animals and also animals

There are 197 different species of coral reefs living under the sea in addition to many varieties of fish, octopus as well as various other marine creatures. If you are lucky enough, you might obtain a sight of the angle of the sea. The plumpy, big sea animal called dugong is the state pet of Andaman as well as Nicobar. They are very mild and also timid and also this cute animal is called the angle of the sea. They can be found at Ritchie’s Island chain, North Coral Reef, Little Andaman as well as parts of Nicobar. Apart from these animals, there are coconut crabs(Robber crabs), as well as they are the largest living arthropod in this world. They reside on the and also during the night they go up to the coconut trees as well as sculpt an entire to remain inside it.

The scenery on the 20-rupee note is for real

Did you know the reality? The surroundings on the reverse side of the red-tinted 20-rupee note are for real. Yes! It is a photo of an all-natural scene from Andaman.

Cellular jail

Last yet not least. Do not forget to see the Mobile jail. We all have checked out Kala pani a lot of times in our background books. Simply most likely to that enigmatic British sculpture and also witness the reminiscent of History.

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