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Role of Customized Packaging in Gift Industry

Imagine a world without customized packaging and custom gift boxes.

Every message you send by mail goes to the same box where your product is not different from the rest. No one shares photos of your packages on social media, and people don’t just make purchasing decisions based on packaging.

That sounds awful, doesn’t it? Fortunately, we were not stuck in 1995.

In today’s world of automation can be like running a business to keep up with the competition. Many people buy things online from the comfort of their PJ. This means your top competitors are just a few clicks away.

Not surprisingly, in our fast-paced business culture, most human businesses win.

A gift box is an easy way to add an emotional element to your brand. They will help strengthen the human/business connection with many e-commerce businesses.

Custom gift boxes enhance the customer experience.

Custom packaging is effortless to incorporate into your packaging and shipping process. These boxes are cost-effective, sustainable, and tell your story from within.

They help attract new buyers and keep existing customers coming back to your brand. The extra care offered by Custom Gift Boxes will give your customers a standing ovation and reinforce why they chose you.

  • When done well, this extra thinking helps your brand:
  • Create space between yourself and your competition
  • Increase the perceived value of your product
  • Make buyers brand ambassadors every day.
  • Express appreciation for your customers
  • Improve the shopping experience
  • When you have happy customers, you earn more. During the building of a loyal brand community. Isn’t their love?

Encourage re-purchases to build brand loyalty:

40% of buyers say gift-like packaging motivates them to buy again. When your customers love your work and the experience you provide, they’ll be back in time.

Impressing custom gift boxes in your packaging process shows customers how much you care about their experience. It is their care and sense of belonging that is what brings them back to their branded products.

A less expensive way to improve the customer experience:

It is less expensive to improve many aspects of the shopping experience. But, gift packaging adds your brand and story to the items you already have to buy. However, you may not be able to ship your product without a durable box.

And, 44% say high-quality packaging boosts their money. Because you are increasing your product’s perceived value, you can absorb the additional costs by increasing your product cost.

“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design.” – Clare Muscutt.

Brand loyalty and excellent customer experience = higher revenue (and crushing your business goals):

Let’s talk about money for a minute (and a little math).

Increasing your customer retention rate by less than 5% can increase profits by 25% -95%. It finds new customers costs five times more than having existing ones.

You already know that custom packaging is an easy way to encourage brand loyalty. Now you know why this is a smart move from a mathematical point of view. Incorporating custom gift boxes into your marketing strategy means you can:

  • Provide an exceptional shopping experience (which encourages them to buy again)
  • Receive higher prices on each product due to increased perceived value
  • Attract additional investment in your pricing structure
  • Save money by finding new customers instead of retaining existing ones.
  • Make as much money as you can and increase your bottom line.

It’s an easy way to say thank you:

Nothing like the real care in the shopping experience for saying “thank you”. With so many businesses, your appreciation can be the difference between your brand and your competition. Consumers take notice of small things. So, it pays to pay attention to them too.

Valentine’s day boxes go a long way in telling them what they mean by the heart and soul of your business. Without them, your business would not be where it is today. So, take the time to create custom gift boxes that will show them that they have made the right decision in choosing you.

“Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement.” – J.C. Penney.


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