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Should Amazon Sellers Run Facebook Ads? (Lucrative But Simple Tactics)

“Should Amazon sellers run Facebook ads and how so?” is always among the most asked questions of e-commerce newbies. Find out the answer in today’s article.

If you struggle with learning how to get the most out of the Facebook advertising tool for your Amazon business, you’ve come to the right place. Using the Facebook system has indeed improved the revenue of many Amazon merchants, which is why many people head forward to this popular platform.

Yet, knowing it’s profitable is a thing, and making it happen is another. Therefore, one needs to have attractive yet easy-to-follow tactics to optimize their result when using Facebook ads. If that’s also what you’re looking for, today’s post is for you.

Why You Should Create an Amazon – Facebook Marketing Channel

If you bring Facebook and Amazon together, you’re effectively setting up an Amazon marketing channel that serves several goals:

  • Filter visitors: Visitors who are unlikely to purchase will directly exit your homepage and never access Amazon. At the same time, the funnel would also attract customers who tend to convert quickly. These potential customers usually head immediately to Amazon and order the products, which increases your conversions. A favorable influence on rankings is as a result.
  • Spread promotional offers: It enables you to systematize the release of single-use discount coupons, which incentivizes sales even more.
  • Acquire emails/Messenger subscriptions: You can ask for an online sign-up or Messenger subscription in return for the discount coupon. Consequently, you could maintain contact with these individuals through an email, solicit feedback, and develop a launch list to help you promote items more effectively in the upcoming.
  • Allow for retargeting: You might well include a Pixel on the platform to retarget web viewers and discover similar audiences depending on their activities.

Ultimately, an Amazon homepage option helps Amazon merchants to earn the most of their existing marketing budget.


2 Key Benefits Of Facebook Ads For Amazon Sellers

Facebook ads are a fantastic way for companies operating on Amazon to access a broader market, boost their sales, and create close-knitted interactions with buyers.

There are 2 main benefits that Facebook ads bring to Amazon sellers:

Substantial user base

Facebook maintains a monthly active user base of approximately 2.38 billion people, allowing Amazon retailers to deliver advertisements to users and interact with them on multiple Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger platforms via its Ads Manager interface.

Messenger appears to be the advertising platform of the era, with Facebook planning to integrate the texting functions of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp upcoming.

Powerful targeting

Facebook ads enable businesses to establish highly targeted audiences. Indeed, Facebook collects a wealth of information from its users, which has caused criticism (they have gotten chastised by the US Senate).

Given such insight, marketers may quickly target advertisements to those most likely to be profitable buyers (we’ll talk more about targeting in a moment.)


In other words, via Facebook ads, Amazon retailers may reach their target clients before they look for those items on Amazon if they execute it effectively.

Additionally, Facebook ad campaigns will also give us access to retargeting and email/message promotion, helping businesses generate additional engagements & optimize the lifelong return of consumers.

The problem is that many Amazon merchants don’t know how to use Facebook ads properly. As a result, they tend to make fundamental mistakes that cost them precious time and money.

3 Ways To Implement A Successful Facebook Ads Strategy

Most of the time, people usually go for a Facebook ads agency to get things done for them. However, this movement tends to be a bit pricey and sometimes doesn’t bring results as you expect.

Instead, the tip here is quite simple and cost-effective. Let’s look at some excellent strategies for efficient Facebook ads campaigns that you could take on by yourself.

Initiate Appropriate Split Tests

Deploying different variations of your advertisements to diverse audiences and enabling your information to influence their actions on where to invest money is the secret to effective Facebook advertising.

If you display similar ads to various visitor groups and one group outperforms the others, you may switch off the other viewers and direct your resources to the profitable one.

Even while many companies grasp the idea of split testing and how to do it, they often make mistakes in their implementation. As a result of this, they are unable to segregate factors.


Also, many people put up a project to test several targets, each with different ad content and design. However, if you choose to follow this path, either the viewer or the advertising strategy can take responsibility for the disparity in outcomes.

Thankfully, Facebook Ads Studio functions to test creatives, viewers, delivery efficiency, and positions.

You may also duplicate the original advertisement and edit the essential feature to experiment with different ad content, titles, CTA, and so forth. If you are trying many advertisements concurrently, you can duplicate the content to different advertising sets.

Lookalike Audiences For Amazon

Typically, companies possess 3 methods used for identifying viewers on Facebook.


You’re setting up a client profile based on their demography, interests, and behaviors. Geographical region, sex, age, and a practically limitless range of demographic information are all available to you.

If you decide to go for this option, remember that your comprehensive targeting should always incorporate Amazon.com (interests) & Engaged Shoppers (buy activity).

Custom Audiences

This method is when businesses submit a client record and target advertising straight to the database. Additionally, you may initiate a customized target of visitors who execute specific activities on your website or sales funnel (display ads to everybody who accessed your marketing channel). It is usually referred to as retargeting.

Lookalike Audiences

As opposed to presenting advertisements straight to visitors in your Follower Base, lookalike audiences display ads to individuals who are comparable to those in the Custom Audience. Likewise, Facebook collects a great deal of information on its users. So it can employ your primary interests from your Follower Base to identify others who behave similarly.


For Amazon merchants using Facebook Ads, lookalike audiences are commonly the most budget-friendly. It’s especially relevant when it comes to marketing activities, i.e., obtaining new clients.

It is possible to obtain the Amazon Fulfilled Shipments analysis from Seller Central. This document reveals a list of the customers who have purchased from your business in the last period.

However, your only information about them is their name & address (city, state, zip). After setting up the information, you may submit it to Facebook to establish an audience.

If you want to find out which audience works optimally, you may build numerous audiences that appear identical and compare them with one other.

In addition to scale (1% is the closest resemblance to a Custom Audience and 10% is the furthest fit but broadest market), lookalike groups may also get targeted based on specific characteristics (you could input demographics/interests/behaviors to whittle it down further).

Customize Your Offering to Your Objectives

A promotion coupon is the most popular offering that Amazon merchants provide to attract visitors via Facebook Ads.

Usually, merchants would conduct a strong promotion for 7-10 days to take up a competitor’s item’s position on the front page for a specific keyword utilizing Facebook Ads. Here is how the process goes:

As the company sends out as many discounted products as necessary over 7-10 days, they practically emulate the transaction rate of the rivals appearing on the 1st result page.

As a result, they would steal the spotlight of the rivals and earn a favorable position on the platform. According to our statistics, the optimal conversion ratio using this method is 70%.

If you want to obtain Verified Purchase evaluations, you should promote lower coupons. Unfortunately, To find more information about importance of branding, you should try ZonBase vs Helium 10 vs Jungle scout for Amazon sales  many vendors discover that savings of 30% or more are ineligible to qualify as Verified Purchases.


That’s everything we’ve got for you today. We hope our detailed post has helped you visualize what Facebook advertising strategy to implement with your Amazon business. Follow the tactics above, and we promise you can significantly improve your business’s performance.

If you want to know more about Facebook ads campaigns, feel free to olifantdigital.com.

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