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Surprising Health Benefits to Derive From Collagen Supplements

Collagen is a typically abundant protein, found predominantly in our skin and bones. It is a protein that is fundamental in building and supporting several tissues from bones, cartilages, eyes, ligaments, tendons, muscles to the digestive system.

Thanks to the current trend, we have all witnessed the popularity of collagen supplements in the market. These supplements are hydrolyzed to make their absorption more accessible, allowing the collagen to break down easily. Also, certain food items boost the collagen level in the body.

The primary role of collagen is to improve the skin structure and strengthen the bones. There are other health benefits associated with collagen when you start consuming its supplements.

This article aims at uncovering some of the surprising health benefits of collagen supplements that we think you should know before investing into. Let’s get started!

Health Benefits of Collagen Supplements

  • Improve Your Skin Health

The pivotal component responsible for our healthy skin is collagen. Most of the skin’s elasticity and hydration comes from collagen that rejuvenates the skin. However, the visible signs of aging become prominent when our body’s collagen level starts to deplete.

It is equally essential for the growth and development of hairs, nails, and teeth. Collagen supplements have gained fame in the beauty and health industry for combating skin conditions like wrinkles and dryness. This non-surgical miracle promotes the growth of new skin and replaces old skin with new ones.

A study conducted found that women who have collagen supplements significantly reduced wrinkles and increased skin hydration than the group that didn’t take any collagen. You can even consider taking other skin supplements like vitamin C to boost your skin condition.

  • Relives Joint Pain

The joints in our body function smoothly because of the cartilage, a rubber-like tissue. With age, you will experience a decline in collagen and cartilage in the body. This can increase the risk of developing degenerative joint disorders like osteoarthritis.

There are numerous research backing that collagen supplements or peptides have shown to improve the symptoms related to osteoarthritis and joint pain. Moreover, our bodies are always susceptible to injuries.

However, you can quickly fix your ailment with collagen, which is excellent for injuries in the tendon, ligaments, and joints. Some reports even made a claim that collagen is taken with vitamin C or gelatin assists in the speedy recovery of the injury.

  • Vital for Bone Health

The bone structure in our body is primarily constituted of collagen, which is responsible for maintaining bone strength and density. As collagen level decreases with age, so does the bone mass in our body. This develops various tendencies related to the bone, like low bone density, osteoporosis, and a higher risk of bone fractures.

Typically, women are prone to such bone conditions after their menopause. A study established that collagen peptides were found to increase the bone mineral density in a postmenopausal women group compared with the control group.

Also, it was found that taking collagen supplements has some effects on the body that restrains bone breakdown responsible for causing osteoporosis.

  • Promote Muscle Mass in Body Composition

Almost 1-10% of our muscle tissue in the body is composed of collagen. It is exceptionally vital for the proper functioning of the muscles and keeping them in a healthy condition.

Studies have revealed that collagen supplements have escalated the synthesis of muscle proteins called creatine and even accelerated muscle growth after exercise. Also, individuals with conditions like sarcopenia are benefited from the intake of collagen supplements and have prevented the deterioration of muscle mass that occurs after the age of 20.

  • Improves Sleep Quality and Mood

Collagen is potent for its mood relaxing, productivity-boosting, and sleep-promoting qualities. This is mainly because it contains glycine that offers several health benefits.

Glycine is a major component responsible for lowering the body temperature and probably resist muscle activity during REM sleep. The best part is glycine elevates the serotonin level in the body without increasing the dopamine level.

With the glycine obtained from collagen, it restores ailments related to sleep deprivation and anxiety. This automatically enhances productivity in work with better concentration, energy, and liveliness.

  • Beneficial for Heart Health

Many people consume collagen supplement because it supports the heart health and alleviates the risk associated with it. Collagen develops the structure of arteries that are vital organs in carrying blood to the different parts of the body.

In the collagen depletion stage, your arteries may become fragile and vulnerable. It can lead to symptoms of narrowing arteries characterized by a disease known as atherosclerosis. Often, in severe cases, it can be the reason behind heart diseases like stroke and heart attacks.

By consuming collagen supplements, one can experience an apparent reduction in measures of artery stiffness and an increased level of HDL or good cholesterol by an average of 6%.

  • Aids in Better Digestion of Food

Collagen is typically a protein that is constituted from several amino acids. The presiding amino acid in the collagen is known as glycine. A component that has excelled in regulating inflammation within your intestine, glycemic index, and stomach. It is regarded as the savior of your gut and digestive health.

Inflammation mainly happens when harmful toxins pass through your digestive tracts in your guts. Glycine decreases inflammation by creating connecting tissues that protect the mucosal barrier of your gut.

By following a supplement with collagen, the glycine level will increase, which builds tissues in the gut line, intestinal tract, and colon. It is exceptionally beneficial for treating problems like leaky gut syndrome and intestinal permeability.

Moreover, you can consider taking probiotic supplements that aids in the growth of healthy gut bacterial responsible for improving digestive health.

Collagen Supplements for a Better You!

There are several health benefits that one can expect from the consumption of collagen supplements. Generally, the supplements are safe and easy to take though, a few side effects are related to having animal-based supplements.

It is advised to consult the health practitioners for the required amount of dosage. Now you can check and order the products from Supplements Store Canada.

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