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The biggest marketing trends for 2022

If you are a business owner, then you’ve to always follow-up with the digital trends. Pandemic and lock downs have shown the real influence and power of digital marketing. In this post, we will teach you important trends for 2022.

Video marketing: the audiovisual language

When we talk about content, we immediately think of written texts, but today it is good to take advantage of other more attractive types of language such as videos. Video marketing has always been an excellent communication strategy and marketing, so it can not fail to include it as one of the trends in digital marketing 2021.

As in the early days of television, product marketing through video has become the most widely used format in content marketing, surpassing blogs and infographics.  According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers consider online video marketing a fundamental part of their digital marketing strategy. Likewise, 88% affirm that it generates a positive ROI (Return on Investment).

Live streaming or live broadcasts

This format allows users to interact live, generating a closer relationship with them. Thus, the followers become part of the transmission and cease to be just receivers, increasing the engagement rate and involvement. It’s very interesting for the musicians. Let’s say you are a music artist and upload tracks on Spotify very often. You buy Spotify followers and get big success on the platform. How to increase and get to the bigger audience? Here the streaming comes into the place. Even on Instagram, YouTube and other platforms – you can live-stream and attract more people. 

Animated explanatory videos

They are mainly used to describe products or services in a fast, simple and fun way. They are fairly short videos that help explain how your product or service works. It is a very creative format that often uses humor to highlight some characteristics. It is very popular in sectors that seem “serious” such as finance or the insurance field.

User generated content

More and more people share their day-to-day life and the things they do or what they use. Brands can take the opportunity to talk about their product in a natural way or also by generating conversations with their audience. Unlike content shared by influencers, this is seen as more real and natural.

Voice Marketing and personal assistants

Has it happened to you that you think your phone listens to you? No, it is not paranoia. This does happen and there is already the technology that allows you to send people targeted ads. For example: Google Now. Welcome to voice marketing.

Technology has made having a personal assistant accessible to everyone. From Siri to Alexa from Amazon, through Google Assistant, etc. now there are more and more devices that have intelligent technology to listen to us.

One of the challenges of Voice Marketing for companies is to gain relevance in voice searches. For that, they have to analyze the information of their users to find personalized answers to their questions. That is, they have to polish their keywords and optimize their SEO on page and off page so that these smart devices include them in their responses.  Therefore, if you are an online business entrepreneur, you cannot underestimate this 2021 digital marketing trend.

Along with SEO, we see that Voice SEO, or optimization for voice searches, is increasing more and more. Written content no longer needs to be optimized solely from a textual SEO perspective, but should be written for voice searches. Through technologies that take advantage of Artificial Intelligence , consumers can carry out their searches directly taking advantage of their voice. This modality is especially appreciated by digital natives, who will not only be tomorrow’s customers, but are already today’s customers. Definitely something to keep in mind within the current 2021 advertising and marketing trends.

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