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Types of Bets in Horse Betting

When it comes to horse betting, the best type of bet for you depends on your preferences, risk tolerance, and knowledge of horse racing. Here are some of the best types of horse race bets to consider presented to you by OKBet.

Types of Horse Racing Bets

Super Heinz

This bet involves seven horses and is an upgraded version of the Heinz Flag. A Super Heinz bet consists of 162 wagers, including 21 Doubles, 35 Four Folds, seven Six Folds, and 1 Seven-Fold Accumulator.

7-Fold Accumulator

This is a high-risk bet that consists of seven selections. If all your selections win, you can potentially earn a substantial payout, but if one loses, the entire bet is a failure.


This bet involves three horses and includes four wagers in total, consisting of three doubles and one treble. It can provide profitable rewards if your selections perform well.


A three-horse wager with a total of seven bets, including three single bets. The payout depends on the performance of each horse in the bet.


This is a bet involving three horses, but it differs from other three-horse bets in that it includes three selections from three different horse race events.

Place Bet

This is a simpler type of bet where you select three horses and bet on them to finish in a specific order. While it’s less complex than some other bets, the odds of winning are lower, and it requires careful placement of your selections.

Each of these bets offers different levels of risk and reward. The type of bet that’s best for you depends on your understanding of horse racing, your willingness to take risks, and your betting strategy.


Horse race betting can be a lucrative form of gambling in different sportsbooks around the world, take OKBet for example. It’s important to choose the type of bet that suits your preferences and risk tolerance. Whether you prefer high-risk, high-reward bets or more conservative options, understanding the nuances of each bet type is essential to making informed choices in horse betting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Related to Horse Betting

What is the best bet type for beginners in horse racing?

For beginners, simple bets like Win, Place, and Show are often recommended. These bets are easier to understand and have lower risk compared to more complex bets.

How are odds determined in horse racing?

Odds are determined based on the amount of money wagered on each horse. The odds represent the probability of a horse winning, with favorites having lower odds and underdogs having higher odds.

Can you explain the Win, Place, and Show bets in horse racing?

  • Win: You bet on a horse to come in first place.
  • Place: You bet on a horse to finish in the top two positions.
  • Show: You bet on a horse to finish in the top three positions.

What is an Each-Way bet?

An Each-Way bet is a combination of a Win and a Place bet. You’re essentially betting on a horse to win and also to place in the top positions. If the horse wins, you receive both payouts; if it places, you receive a smaller payout.

How do I calculate potential payouts for different bets?

Payouts are typically calculated by multiplying your stake by the odds of the horse. The formula is: Potential Payout = Stake x (Odds + 1).

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