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What are Wild Fireworks Slot Features?

Highlights of pgslot Wild Fireworks Summer Festival Fireworks Slot Game That is to bring the symbol of the festival in the summer. Become a betting agent That has a reputation that is rumored to be distributed often, easy to break, can get endlessly. as well as reminding the players to think of the image Villagers who come to trade at the fair Will be busy selling products diligently during the annual summer festival.

This is because most visitors come to the streets where thousands of paper lanterns are place. It is said that each lantern is engrav with the wishes of each visitor. Thus making the evening until the evening of the event. There were people who came to visit the summer festival that evening. It’s an unforgettable image. and filled with colorful lights as the giant fireworks exploded at the end of the night sky. from midnight until 1am on a new day.

Wild Fireworks Demo rules to play?

Rules to play PG SLOT Wild Fireworks Demo Fireworks slot game There’s nothing difficult, just write your wish through spin the reels to match the game’s rewards on a 5-reel, 3-row grid with different types of firecracker symbols. at the summer festival It gives a deep taste and atmosphere. Your wishes are fulfill with great rewards.

Wild Fireworks Slot Demo symbol use instead of betting on the reels

For the symbol of the game, play PG SLOT Wild Fireworks Demo as firecrackers with multicolored lights as the fireworks explode. Used in place of bets on the wheel are as follows:

  • The giant firecracker at the end of the fire has the highest stake.
  • a bunch of firecrackers
  • cone firecrackers
  • green pointed firecrackers
  • double red firecrackers
  • AKQJ body
  • Scatter and Wild symbols

Payout Lines in Wild Fireworks Slot Demo

There are 243 ways to payout in PG SLOT auto Wild Fireworks, in which the game symbols must be arranged in succession from left to right according to the method on the existing 3 reels 5 reels. Instead, cash patterns will be display. Prize money for winning

What is Wild Fireworks Slot Demo Overlay Wild Symbol?

On spinning the reels, a Wild symbol will appear on the stacked grid reels. If we win a prize with a Wild symbol in combination with the normal symbol. You will receive a double reward as well.

Wild Fireworks PG Slot Scatter with Free Spins Feature

We can claim free spins from Scatter by aligning 3 positions according to 243 conditions, will be eligible for 10 free spins. Rows of Wild symbols on the reels are push across the board to offer more rewards than a normal spin, and the Scatter will not appear in this round.


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