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What is Mangastream and what happened to it?

Well, Mangastream was the best-known comic website for all manga lovers. It was a fantastic manga comic database, where readers read their ideal Japanese comics for free. That is the reason why manga lovers are inquiring about similar manga sites.

Japanese comics besides that language are available in different languages such as French, Italian, English, and so on through translation.

When you are reading this article, that means you are also a vast manga lover but don’t want the extra expense. Other than Manga Stream, there also lots of other free sites for your manga addiction. So, stay tuned.


So, Mangastream is Dead. What next?

Well, the news is accurate. Whoever was reading comics for decades from the enormous collection of comics for free has the common question: what next? Do we have to pay for reading our favorite comics?


All things are natural, by the way. We are also between all of you. It’s devastating news that Mangastream is not available nowadays. After performing lots of research now, we got the best platforms like Manga Stream for continuing my manga obsession. And we thought these would be helpful for all like me.


Yet, do you know what manga was down?! The most prominent reason behind it is legal actions. When the original producer gets the news of the availability of their content for free, they report, and those websites are banned. Thus it is because they want you to read through legal permissions by paying, of course. Another clone site of Mangastream is still active, which is Mangastream. Cc.


Before this site is blocked or banned, let me show you the best other options.


Best alternatives for Manga comics

Well, you will get lots and lots of sites while surfing on the Internet. Still, do you think all are working great? Do they provide the same features as Mangastream? We have chosen the best out of the crowd of websites claiming Manga Stream-like features. So, let me take you directly towards them.




If you are craving for the manga, then go and grab your piece now with Mangafox. Yes, Mangafox is the ideal option for all manga readers. However, you should be aware of the fake Mangafox sites having similar interfaces. The site has a theme of orange, black, and white. You can visit this website here. It has a beautiful user interface, and you can easily choose your favorite one.


Best features: Adaptive Zoom

Official Application: Yes

Legitimate: Translations are legal with a license.

Registration required: No

Price: Free




Our next best choice for manga reading is MangaDex, which is one of the best alternatives to Mangastream. You will get several versions of each manga here. Also, you will get communities for the same type of manga followers. You can make your group or can join the existing groups. The look is relatively intermediate.


Best features: Different versions including color, 20 different languages

Official Application: no, but it works perfectly with a mobile browser

Legitimate: 100% legal

Registration required: No.

Price: Free




Another great alternative to Mangastream is Tenmanga, which is the latest one. Although it is still new, it has about 55+ databases for manga lovers. UI is user-friendly and good-looking as well. Some of the ads may be annoying. Otherwise, everything is good.


Best features: User-friendly interface

Official Application: No

Legitimate: Unknown

Registration required: No

Price: Free




You may be familiar with this manga website as an alternative to Mangastream. A vast fan club is present here. You will get the best quality and excellent content ever. Great for online manga readers.


Best features: clean look, best quality

Official Application: no

Legitimate: Unknown

Registration required: No

Price: Free




A huge comics database for manga readers on the manganese website will get 40+ genres having high-quality manga scans. This scanlation website is famous for its user-friendly interface. You can easily find newer and most popular mangas.


Best features: Vertical scrolling features make reading so easy.

Official Application: no

Legitimate: no

Registration required: No

Price: Free




AnimePlanet is best for watching your favorite anime but don’t judge it by its name. Thus it is not only for anime lovers but also an excellent option for your manga obsession. Here you will get a great range of manga collections with daily updates. You can access it through any device. Thus it makes this site a perfect alternative for Mangastream, along with anime watchers.


Best features: easy to use interface

Official Application: Yes

Legitimate: Unknown

Registration required: No

Price: Free


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