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What’s New at Georgette’s? August 2024

At Georgette’s, we are proud to be warming the world with one cup of coffee at a time — our goal is to serve our community with fresh food and meal choices that delight with seasonal ingredients and favorite flavors.

Ready for a Cup o’ Joe?

If you’re hoping to get a little burst of caffeine in your system, we welcome you to try our 100% shade grown Arabica beans made from a combination of coffee plants from Asia, Central and South America, and Africa. Our fair-trade cafe is the perfect place to enjoy your early morning cup of coffee, or we’ll happily pack it up with your favorite pastry as you head out on your way to work.

What’s for Lunch?

Now in August, you can stop by and grab a bite to eat from our cafe. Not only do we have a fantastic selection of soups, salads, and sandwiches, we also have excellent coffee, gifts, and more for you to explore when you visit us.

And, if you’d rather get something to soothe your sweet tooth? We can help with that too! Our bakery has seasonal favorites as well as regular baked goods, so you can grab a cinnamon role, carrot cake, donut, or other tasty treats to go with your meal or cup of coffee.

Whether you want to pick up some baked goods on the go or you need a nice place to sit down and have a healthy breakfast or lunch, we’re here for you at Georgette’s.

Want to Grab a Bite On the Go?

At our Maumee Bakery, we know that you might have to pick up food in a rush. That’s why we have a menu that is perfect for pick-ups. Call us ahead of time with your order at (419) 891-8888 and press 3 to get through to our kitchen. We’ll start getting your order ready, so you can enjoy your favorite dishes even when you don’t have enough time to stop for a sit-down meal.

Working With Us at Georgette’s and Sunshine Communities

At Georgette’s, we love to see our staff working happily to bring our customers the good service, food, and gifts they need. Georgette’s Grounds & Gifts is proud to offer supportive employment to our team of workers living with disabilities. Combined with Sunshine Communities, we provide supportive services, residential support, and more to over 400 families with disabilities in Northwest Ohio.

We’re also happy to say that we offer healthcare jobs caring for people with developmental disabilities, because we support our own employees living with disabilities within our kitchen, customer service department, gift shop, and other areas, we always need additional staff to work with them.

If you’re interested in these types of healthcare positions, you’ll find that we offer:

  • Direct support professional jobs
  • Direct care professional jobs

Whether you want to support our staff at our Maumee Bakery or prefer to assist with residential, vocational, clinical, or recreational roles, we want to welcome you to our community.

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