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Who owns Blue World City Project?


Blue World City project is lucrative & highly beneficial in both personal & professional capacities. Moreover, any housing society needs to offer impeccable & standing-out features to grab the masses’ attention. Blue world city has got the general public & potential with top-tier & world-class amenities. Whether it is the prime & exemplary location, the ever-magnificent & affordable payment plan, high-end facilities &features or more, it’s a full-fledged package.

In addition, the aspect of skilled, experienced & trusted builders owning Blue World City project is also playing a massive role in society’s immense success & hype. Moreover, a sense of sheer trust & assurance builds between both ends, the developers & investors.

Blue World City

Blue World City is one of Pakistan’s most promising, hyped & luxurious housing societies. It locates on Main Chakri Road; the project successfully drew immense attention. Moreover, the society is also offering facilities & amenities that genuinely stand out, next to perfection features & all the needed & wanted facets. A perfect investment package does consist of all these needed, wanted & even more aspects that make the future safe & secure. Well, Blue World City project serves every department.

In addition, among the facets that attract investors is the easy & affordable payment plan. Blue World City Price simple installment plan, along with the exceptional master plan, is also why it is the best investment. Therefore, local and overseas investors are taking the opportunity hands-on.

Blue World City Owners

Blue World City Islamabad is initiated, developed & run by the ever-known Blue Group of Companies. A name which has earned an impeccable & deservingly high standing in the real estate market. From delivering successful real estate services & projects, Blue Group of Companies is taking the bar of living standards much higher.

In addition, the giant, experienced & most trusted Blue Group of Companies is handled & supervised by Saad Nazir, the CEO. the highly competent CEO of BGC, Saad Nazir is also the son of Chaudhry Nazir (ex-deputy commissioner Lahore). In addition, BGC has been serving in the industry for over two decades. So, from having experienced & proficient engineers & architects who are the best in the game, BGC has a giant team.

BGC strong & robust aspect is the sheer diversity in terms of the offered skills & services, making them one of the best in the real estate industry. The 2-decade long span journey started in 1998 & the bar for improving the lifestyle has only gone up.

Skilled & Varied Team

The phenomenon of a skilled & experienced team is resulting in BGC leading the real estate industry in a coliseum of services & skills. It shows how diversified Blue Group of Companies has become over the years. The skilled team of engineers, planners, architects & more possess many skills, expertise & prowess. The diversified & range of services being offered is enormous & the results are in the form of successful housing ventures like the Blue World City project. Blue Group of Companies is creating & making dreams come true in their genuine sense.


The Blue Group of Companies also offers a coliseum of services across the board. From providing expertise in the planning phase of housing ventures, taking the development process, and its marketing to getting the clients on board, BGC is there to serve throughout. The buying, selling & then promoting the properties are also included.

Moreover, people further include services on architectural designs and construction processes, followed by BGC having a certain share in the market. The company has grown a lot over more than 20 years, and now it has become a one-stop place for any real estate service & marketing campaigns.

In addition, talking about the other services, Blue Group of Companies has also tapped into the retail sector, which is one of the ever-giant & growing industries. BGC is serving in the form of clothing lines, multiple retail stores & even in the industry of food & beverages.


Blue World City project is worth it because of the exceedingly skilled, experienced & reliable developers’ names attached to it. On the topic of past projects, the BGC company has done multiple housing ventures, offered marketing & retail services & more.

The company has done 13 mega-successful projects; 8 are ready to move, and five are under construction.


Blue World City project holds excellent standing as it serves as the best, most distinctive & most luxurious housing package. The owners of BWC are Blue Group of Companies who have earned quite a big name in the country & worldwide. The aim & goal is simple & it is to take the living standards up a notch with every service, housing venture or facility.

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