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Why visiting Vail should be on the top of your travel wishlist?

Denver is one of the most visited cities in the US for some years now, and while it is an attraction that no one can miss out on, there is another site just a couple of hours drive away from Denver that truly takes the cake as one of those places that one cannot miss out on and must visit at least once in their life. Vail is the name of the place, and it simply offers an enchanting experience to tourists and travelers that will leave an impression in their minds and would be hard for them to forget.

Vail is considered as the destination for the folks who are enthusiastic about skiing as it is considered the ski capital of the continental United States. But one should not make the mistake of assuming that Vail has only this to offer. Vail has been one of the prime destinations for tourists for a reason since the year 1962 when it was first opened to tourists. But while skiing is still the prime reason for tourism, Vail has loads to offer to its visitors, no matter their taste. Vail is blessed with numerous mouthwatering scenic beauties like Booth Falls Trail, Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, and many more that one has to see during their trip to Vail. In summer, one can easily rent a bicycle and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty this town and the surrounding area have to offer to every tourist.

How can one reach Vail?

The easiest way to reach Vail is by the I-70 scenic highway that connects this small town to the city of Denver. One can easily rent a cab to pick them up from the Denver International, and they will be at their location within a couple of hours. The distance between Denver and Vail is just shy of 100 miles, and in the case of Denver International Airport, that distance is 130 miles, which would take a bit over two hours to travel.

It is recommended that one hires a transportation service that can pick them up from Denver International and deliver them to their destination without any hassle. And while one can easily rent a vehicle in Denver to drive themselves to Vail, to truly enjoy the scenic experience that is on route to Vail, one should hire a premier transportation service provider to facilitate their travel from dia to vail. By hiring one of the premier transport companies, one can not only ensure hassle-free travel from Denver to Vail, but because of an experienced chauffeur, one can also avoid unnecessary delays that happen on I-70 due to the landslides, bad weather, etc.

If you are preparing your bucket list to explore every nook of the world, you just can’t miss Vail at all costs. Flooded with endless fun-indulging activities and easy transportation options, Vail has a lot for you. No matter what attracts you the most, Vail has all to serve its visitors.  Perhaps, this is why Vail trip should be on top of your wishlist always.

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