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4 Latest Achievements in this Decade

There are many achievements that science has made over the past Decade. From life on other planets to the possibility of the cure for genetic diseases, the possibilities are endless. You will want to know the potential possibilities and amazing progress of science that has been made in the past Decade.

You will be surprised to know how much can change in just ten years. We have compiled a list of a few scientific signs of progress that have been there in the past Decade. Make sure you stay connected to the scientific news, so you know what is going on in the scientific community.

Let’s dig deeper into them and have a read:

Gene Editing

Gene technology and biotechnology have been making a lot of progress in recent years. People are using genetic engineering to not only detect genetic diseases but also try to treat them. Many genetic diseases are considered to have no cure.

The genes of the human body are named and sequenced, but their number lies in millions and hence, the difficulty in treating human genetic diseases.

Owing to the recent advancement in technology, there are many genetic diseases that are known to have found a cure. The genes responsible for these diseases have been studied in detail, and their treatment of them is already in progress. This will bring huge innovation in this field.

Vaccines of Many Diseases

The discoveries of vaccines for many diseases, including the Coronavirus, have been making the breaking news for many years. These discoveries have helped in saving the lives of countless people in the world. The vaccines of the Covid have gained a lot of popularity, led by mixed reactions of suspicion and joy.

The progress in the formation of vaccines for many diseases is due to technology and improved scientific discoveries. That’s why you should always stay updated with the latest news in the community.

The genome of an Ancient Human Sequenced

You would also have heard the news of the sequencing of the human genome. The human genome is very hard to sequence because the number of genes that are required to be sequenced is too many to count. They are roughly ranged in millions and millions.

Ancient humans are difficult to study, but due to scientific advancement, many people have started to sequence and even complete the sequencing of the human genome.

Possibility of Life on Other Planets

According to recent news, many scientists have found activity on distant planets that have their own moon. Scientists claim that these planets have their own conditions and environment that support the presence of life on them.

Despite their cold surroundings, they have a warm core temperature that makes it possible for life to exist, as the warm temperature is suitable for the water in that place. With the presence of glaciers, scientists have claimed that there is the presence of life on that planet because the glaciers indicate the presence of water, and water indicates the presence of life.

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