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Where in Barcelona is the Best Place to Rent a Catamaran for an Event

Every year at the end of March or in April, full-scale navigation begins in the Mediterranean Sea, and catamarans, motorboats, and numerous yachts are fully prepared to make their charter flights and scheduled trips. Shipowners wait for orders to rent vessels and good clients, and passengers and clients wonder where it is best to order a catamaran rental for their planned event (rest or holiday) or where to sail on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea.

In spring and summer, renting a catamaran is just the thing for a good rest or an unforgettable celebration.

Barcelona is teeming with offers to rent a boat to organize and conduct sea recreation, events, and celebrations on a yacht. There are a lot of offers about this on the internet. But only a part of these proposals belongs to operating companies – shipowners. You still need to be able to find them in the general mass of information.

Many intermediary sites masquerade as the sites of marine vessel owners, calling the yachts and motorboats displayed there their own and calling themselves shipping companies. In reality, many of them only own a database about a certain segment of the maritime fleet, have certain agreements with shipowners, add the services of other companies in the recreation sphere to this, for example, catering companies, and in the end, can get a percentage from all.

And renting a catamaran or renting a motorboat directly from a shipowner has certain advantages. After all, any intermediary, even well-armed with information, does not know the very latest information about boats and the capabilities of shipowners and in the end, usually directs the client to view boats and resolve rental issues with the shipowner.

The same thing that specialized companies offer, but faster and more reliable, can be done by going to the company’s website or calling the shipowner’s office. At the same time, the rental cost may be more advantageous, there may be promotions and discounts for direct customers. For example, such discounts are available at the Barcelona Boat Rental company.

Ordering a boat directly from the vessel owners also positively affects the development possibilities of their companies. And the service customer will also be satisfied to understand that the money he paid for his pleasure will go to those who directly operate sea vessels, docks, and pay salaries to the crews and staff of real charter companies.

This judgment is subjective and does not claim to be the first instance truth, as there are certain advantages in the work of intermediaries. In the end, the customer decides what is more convenient for him and where his money will go.

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