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5 Airbnb Experience Ideas That Guests Will Love

Despite the COVID 19 pandemic, the Airbnb business is thriving. People just can’t get enough of the more rootsy thrill of staying in a place you’d actually live rather than a hotel.

However, the best Airbnb hosts are those that don’t just treat their properties like rooms people live in but create a full Airbnb experience.

Design can turn the experience of staying in an Airbnb into the experience of walking through a new world. Are you looking to design an Airbnb experience? This article will walk you through a brief guide to creating the best Airbnb experiences.

1. Tours

The most popular type of Airbnb experience is local tours. There’s no wonder these are popular — most people stay in Airbnbs because they’re visiting a city that they’d like to spend some time in.

If you’re a local who happens to know your town very well, you can turn your Airbnb hosting into a whole city-wide wonderland.

2. Food

In addition to sites, food is one of the most unique parts of any culture, no matter how big or small. If you happen to make local food very well (and we’re talking about the kind of food that people just can’t get anywhere else), you should consider offering to make this food for your clients.

This intimate experience will make your clients feel as if they’re truly at home in this new world.

3. Music

Perhaps your specialty is in the arts. Each culture has its own music; Nashville has country, New York has jazz, Chicago has blues, etc. If you happen to be a musician as well as an Airbnb host, why not show them your chops?

In addition to playing for them yourselves, you can always point your clients to the best music venues.

4. Go on the Water

If you’re in touch with the water of your locale, Airbnb experience designing is perfect for you. Bodies of water are some of the most distinct landmarks of any location people can visit. If you can fish, sail, or canoe, take your guests out with you, and they’re likely to enjoy their experience even more.

5. Specific Tour

If you have knowledge of a specific aspect of your city — restaurants, historical sites, or even street art — you can forego the traditional site-seeing side of tours for a more specific tour. This will help your clients feel as though they’re getting something they couldn’t get with anyone else.

For Those Who Love Making Experiences

If you love to create an Airbnb experience but don’t like hosting as much, you should consider working in Airbnb design. Airbnb design jobs allow you the aesthetic joy and of designing a great experience, without the hassle of management.

Design Your Airbnb Experience

As you can see, there are tons of ways to design an Airbnb experience. At the end of the day, it comes down to making use of the resources that you already have to help others have a good time.

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