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5 important things about invisalign treatment

Do you want prefect teeth without braces involvement? If yes, then Invisalign® can be the right option to look into. This procedure is all about correcting the deformities by using aligners. Invisibility and removability are the main benefits of this procedure over involvement of braces. You can get your teeth straight in secret way without using visible braces. This is perfect, isn’t it?

Benefits of choosing invisalign treatment:

  • It is hard for people to notice your aligners, so Invisalign® has become so much popular these days. Everyone wants perfect smile and beautiful teeth and these techniques can make it happen for you without any hassle, so go for it.
  • It does not disturb your other activities like drinking and eating. You will also find flossing and brushing easy with it. Now everyone can have a beautiful smile without braces. This sounds exciting, doesn’t it?
  • Maintaining teeth and gums healthy is also possible without any difficulty.
  • It does not make use of any wire, metal or brackets, so there is nothing to be worried about mouth abrasions. These invisalign Summerville SC solutions can make the things easier for you when it comes to straighten teeth.
  • This approach is much better than traditional braces that make you spend many months or years with wires or metal discs. You just need to find out the best experts or orthodontist understands the process.

Here are some important things, you should know about this procedure.

  1. Expensive:

This is expensive than regular braces. Laboratory fees for the procedure costs more than traditional procedure fees. It is paid to the manufacturer directly.

  1. Less uncomfortable than traditional braces:

No doubt, all braces are painful and uncomfortable, but Invisalign braces can be less uncomfortable.  Although, this is latest, improving and modern technology, but there are still some cases that aligners cannot fix or correct effectively. Success of treatment depends only on skills or expertise of orthodontist.

  1. Popular method:

Dentists trained in this procedure have got successful results and more than 10 Lac people have been treated with this procedure successfully and these numbers are increasing day by day worldwide.

  1. Flexible:

These aligners are removable and comfortable. You can remove them while eating, drinking, flossing and brushing your teeth. There are no metal brackets or wires. These aligners are designed with thermoplastic material that seems like teeth whitening trays. These aligners are custom-made and comfortable.

  1. Get desired outcomes:

You need to wear aligners for more than 20 hours in a day in order to get desired outcomes.  You can change them after every 15 days. This treatment plan requires fewer visits to dental clinic.

If you are looking for the trained and the best Charleston SC orthodontist, then visit You need to visit clinic every eight to ten weeks.  This is the best place to get the perfect treatment. Dr. Keith Wickizer has treated many patients using this procedure and you can also go for it.

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