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5 reasons to choose the hidden halo engagement ring

It’s been around two to three years now that the fascination around the hidden halo ring started and it is showing no signs of reducing. For those who are still unaware to this marvel of the jewellery industry, let us tell you a little about the hidden halo ring. The hidden halo ring was designed as an upgrade to the original halo ring. Instead of having the halo of smaller diamonds around the larger centre stone, the hidden halo ring has the array of diamonds beneath the centre stone. So the smaller diamonds are actually hidden from plain sight and can be seen upon closer inspection. This gives the hidden halo ring a very classy and stylish look as the design creates layers of stones.

If you’re still not sure about getting this ring for your engagement, we’ll make the decision easy for you.

  1. Makes the centre stone appear bigger

The arrangement of diamonds in the hidden halo ring is such that the centre diamond looks uplifted by the smaller array of diamonds hidden underneath it. It gives the impression of a bigger centre stone that it actually is. If you look at the prices of really large centre stones on a ring, they are quite expensive. On the other hand, a hidden halo rings you the same effect without burning a hole in your pocket. That makes it more than worth the price of the ring in fact.

  1. Wide variety of designs available

It is astonishing how many stunning designs are possible with the hidden halo ring. Literally any shape of diamond works with this design and artists are constantly on a lookout to create something gorgeous, extraordinary and experimental with the hidden halo as the foundation of the ring. There are new designs being launched every year and each one is loved by women equally. You’ll see a wide variety of designs at jewelers hatton garden.

  1. Tradition with a touch of contemporary

The original halo ring has a very royal and traditional look to it. It is the classic engagement ring that was worn by royals and people in older times. The hidden halo ring is an upgrade to the classic halo ring. So there is definitely the traditional appearance to it, but with a dash of the modern aesthetic. It’s like the original ring got a beautiful makeover and now looks as stunning as ever. So for those who want to stick by traditions but are also modern at heart, the hidden halo engagement ring is the perfect choice.

  1. Mix-n-match with metals

Some rings look good with only a specific type or two of metals. The best part about the hidden halo ring is that it looks great with literally any metal. What’s more exciting is that you can even mix two metals together and have the ring band made out of it. Be it gold, silver, platinum, steel, rose or white gold, etc. or a mix of any of these, the ring turns out to be just as stunning. This gives you a lot of choices while selecting the design and appearance of the ring, especially for your engagement.

  1. A most definitive head turner

Last, but not the least, probably the best reason to buy the hidden halo as your engagement ring is because it simply looks gorgeous. The beautiful piece of art on your finger is sure to turn heads as people just won’t be able to stop admiring it. So if you get one, be prepared for a lot of jealous looks from people while you flaunt away your lovely stone.

That’s way too many reasons than necessary to choose this Hatton garden engagement ring honestly. We highly recommend you choose this for your engagement and your partner just might actually fall in love with the ring a tad bit more than you. But it’s still worth it right?

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