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5 ways to surprise your husband on wedding anniversary

Anniversary celebrations are meant to be lavish and grand, just like your wedding day. You approach the podium in that graceful white gown, your husband extending his hand to receive you, that shower of online flowers all round, the sound of the applause when you took the vows. 

Bring that special day when you both tied the special knot of marriage. Celebrate your wedding anniversary most romantically and affectionately.

How are you planning to celebrate these marriage anniversary flowers? This year let’s make it something different. You can make a blast with some unique anniversary gifts.

How about a shower of roses when your spouse enters the party venue? Did you order the grand wedding anniversary cake that would grab all the eyeballs at the party? For an intimate time together, why not set up a candlelight dinner in the evening?

With the natural lights of candles, the aroma of the roses and romance in the air, welcome your loving husband to a lavish dinner organised by you.

 Here are some unique anniversary gifts that could add charm and radiance to the whole celebration. These gifts will help you to light the occasion and make the moment special, romantic, and memorable. We are here with the best gifts that could spark up your love life and add a much-needed extravagance to the wedding anniversary celebration.

 Skyline wine glasses

Add the much-needed charm to your evening celebrations with new stylish skyline wine glasses. You love to have that evening time together sipping that expensive wine. These wine glasses would make that time even more precious and fulfilling. Let the skyline wine glasses make your time even more romantic and full of magnificence. Gift these skyline wine glasses to your husband so that with every sip, he feels the essence of your love.

Spa treatment

Gift your husband the spa coupons. He is always on his toes, working hard in the office to balance his work and love life. He is always rushing between home and office, making everyone happy. So give him a rejuvenating time all by himself on this wedding anniversary occasion.

Let him spend some me-time and get a spa treatment from the most expensive Salon in the city. The spa coupons would give him the most precious quality time with himself and refresh his instincts for a better celebration for the anniversary in the evening. Let him get back all the charm and radiance to his face and pump up his instincts with this gesture of care for him.


Your music lover husband would love to have these headphones. Gift him the headphones that would make him relax every evening after a tiring day. These headphones would be his companion while travelling alone on the train or boarding a flight. They would come in handy to entertain him while watching his favourite movie in the late-night hours snuggled in the bedsheet beside you.


If you want to surprise your husband on the occasion of a wedding anniversary. Then here is the most fabulous anniversary gift for a loving husband hubby who is awaiting the surprise. 

Your husband would have been thinking of buying a new smartphone for himself. Your anniversary is the perfect occasion to give him what he wants. Surprise him with his favourite brand’s most exclusive smartphone model. This anniversary gift would be a marvellous way to simplify his gadget shopping and give him exactly what he wishes for. This smartphone will be with him all the time and keep your love and warmth intact.

Couple bobbleheads

Buy a couple of bobbleheads to celebrate the anniversary uniquely. Just imagine how surprised your spouse will be to see his own figure in a miniature form? Your couple in a beautiful miniature form would add marvel to the complete surprise.

The amazing bobbleheads would be the perfect way to flabbergast your spouse with such an incredible anniversary gift. You can make this celebration memorable and everlasting with a single glance at this unique couple sculpture. Your memories of love and anniversary celebration would come to life whenever you catch sight of these adorable bobbleheads.

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