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Top tips to fix common Canon errors

Getting errors on printer hardware is common. Your printer can get into errors easily. On Canon printers, whenever you get into any error; try fixing it manually. Most of the printer issues occur due to any simple causes which can be fixed easily. Canon is a reliable printer device that provides good printer service to users. When your printer gets into an error, inspect the issue and try to troubleshoot it manually.

Canon printer is showing paper jam

Your printer can get the paper jam when some junk is stuck inside it. If you are using the inkjet printer then check the printer roller. Shut down your Canon device and open the access door. Now go to the roller and remove the page. Check the printer for any junk. Clean your printer and roller and then reinstall the cartridge.

Now give the print command and the printer for a paper jam. If you are using Canon DMP then getting the paper jam is very common. It occurs when the paper rim is not aligned correctly. Whenever your DMP gets into error, shut it down immediately. Otherwise, all the pages will be stuck on the roller. Remove the paper chunks from your DMP and then align the paper rim. Try to take a single printout. If the DMP is working without any error then only give more print commands.

Of the printer Canon g2000 error 5b00 Many Canon printer users reported that they are getting error code while taking the printout. The error message appears and the printing process gets corrupted. This error code occurs due to ink. When the printer is unable to fetch the ink; canon g2000 error 5b00 code will be displayed on the screen. When the error appears, check the cartridge. If your ink level is null then you have to refill it. Go to the cartridge and open the ink drum.

Refill the ink on your ink drum. After refilling the ink, try to take the printouts and check for error code. Users also get this error code when the cartridge contacts are not touching the pins. While installing the new cartridge, the user often forgets to remove the plastic covering from the side contacts. Uninstall the cartridge from your Canon printer and then check its sideways. If the contacts have been covered with plastic tape then remove them. Now reinstall the cartridge on Canon and now inspect for the error code.

The printer connection error

You can connect the new Canon printer models to the network. Connecting the printer to the network allows the user to take printouts from various devices without using any cable. Users can share the printer with their family members on the network. When the printer is not appearing on the network then try reconnecting it.

Go to your router and disable the WPS pin. Now disable the Canon printer Wi-Fi button. After a minute, enable the WPS pin and then hit the Wi-Fi button. Canon devices will start looking for the Xbox. The Wi-Fi lamp will blink while searching the connection. Check for the available connection and select your network. Once it gets connected; the user can easily take the printouts.

Slow printing

Canon devices are usually fast. But with other hardware, the speed of the printer reduces with time. If you have an old Canon printer and want to increase the speed then try running the printer in draft (low) mode. This mode allows the user to take printouts at a good speed. But the print quality in this mode is not so good. The user can run the printer in draft mode when he is taking the printout of simple documents.

In case you have to take high-quality printouts then you can switch the mode to normal or high. But when your new canon mx922 support code b200 is showing speed issues then you should check the printhead. The printer starts printing slowly due to printhead issues. You can also contact Canon’s technical team regarding your queries.

Fade printouts

The quality issues on your Canon appear due to third-party cartridges. These cartridges not only ruin your printout quality but sometimes damages the printer also. Install the original ink cartridge and use good quality pages for enhancing the printout quality.

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