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6 Ways To Embrace the Future and Let Go of the Past in 2022

The last chapter of 2021 is about to close, and 2022’s book has yet to be written. That means you have a brand new opportunity to ditch the past and change the future, bringing yourself a lot more happiness come the new year.

You may not find the effort easy every day, but, with the right strategies and a positive mindset, January first could mark the beginning of something special. So commit now to yourself and those who care about you. Make 2022 a turnaround year by implementing the following six habits.

1. Embrace Mindfulness

What happened hurt. It still stings quite a bit, but you cannot see anything bright ahead if you keep living in the past. Change your mindset. Learn about mindfulness through therapists, online groups and books. This philosophy focuses on living in the present. What happened today that went your way? Anticipate something good now rather than always reflecting on what went wrong yesterday or last week. Being aware of yourself and your surroundings will open a new door to your life. You’ll realize who truly has your best interests, what activities will help you grow in the right direction, and you’ll build a better bond with yourself. You’ll begin to trust your instinct more and be able to navigate your life with confidence.You will likely find yourself a bit cheerier in the long run.

2. Prioritize Self-Care

Are you busy doing everything for everyone else? When do you have time for yourself? If you’re out of the equation, add yourself back in because your body and mind require downtime and attention. Make a list of what helps you relax and smile. Is it hanging with your best friend? Is it a bubble bath at night? Maybe you need to watch your favorite show for 30 minutes? Real self care doesn’t come from just watching TV or your favorite movie. To really care for yourself you should be doing more of what energizes you. Find what you feel passionate or excited about and give yourself time to practice that. Commit to one or two of these things regularly.

3. Try Stress-Relief Supplements

When the body experiences long durations of stress, chemical imbalances can occur, possibly leading to anxiety or depression. Stabilize the body’s emotional state by relying on natural and legal stress relief supplements. Hemp flower, for instance, may relax the muscles and mind, helping you unwind from a tough day. In addition, try Epsom baths and magnesium supplements at night. They could boost your sleep, allowing you to reset better for the next day.
Exposure to sunlight is proven to help with your mood, but during the colder months, people rarely get outside. The sun produces vitamin D which is a key element to your happiness. If you are lacking this vitamin, consider trying light therapy. You can find lamps online that mimic the sun’s rays and give off the same vitamin D. Customers say that sitting in front of this lamp for half an hour in the mornings helps increase their mood and gives them energy for the rest of the day.

4. Find Your Motto

What do you believe? Hunt through your favorite books or songs for a line that speaks to you. You may also peruse some online quotation websites seeking out positive statements. Select one that captures how you want to live your life. Embrace it as your motto. When something goes awry, reflect on it. Use it as a springboard to get back on target.

5. Cut Ties With Negativity

People can drag you down quickly. Consider who you spend time with and how you feel afterward. Do you leave happy or upset? Do they cheer you up or bring you to new lows? Those negative influencers are not making life better but worse, so cut ties. That choice may seem hard now, but the connection isn’t healthy.

Explain that you need a break. If it’s family, give yourself some distance. Don’t call as often. Don’t offer to drop by. Search for groups in your area with a better attitude. Join a new book club. Pick up a local hobby. You could even join an exercise class.

6. Talk With Someone

Bottling up emotions proves detrimental. Eventually, fake happiness dissolves and you’re possibly left crumbling on the floor or at least living in the same hamster wheel of previous years. So don’t hide how you feel, talk about it with an expert in psychology.

Therapists and psychologists understand personal struggles. They are there to listen, guide and nurture. Find someone you like, and make a point to commit to working through efforts rather than harboring them. Ask a friend to hold you accountable for going. Find someone who inspires you and listens well. Let them be your sounding board for the ups and downs throughout the week. This cheerleader may help you express your emotions and pick back up for the next day.

This year make a difference for yourself and others. Put the past behind you. When you do, doors open and smiles occur.

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