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7 Key Things You Didn’t Know Your Mac Could

Did you know the first Mac computer to use a graphical interface was known as the Apple Lisa? This device was a commercial flop, spending all its power running the interface itself. Since then the Mac has made many upgrades, but are you using the device to the best of its ability?

With so many hidden secrets, you may not be getting the most from your device. Read on as we give you seven ways you can get the best from this genius computer.

  1. View Two Apps Side by Side in Split View

Viewing two apps side by side does not seem that remarkable in itself. However, when you have to go about resizing and arranging them, especially when other apps are on the desktop, it can be frustrating. However, there is a shortcut that few people know about.

Go to macOS Catalina and move to the upper left corner of the window. Find the green full-screen button. Then hover your cursor over it or hold it down.

Choose ‘Tile Window to the Left of Screen’ or ‘Tile Window to the Right of Screen.’ The window will then fill the chosen screen side. Do this with two apps and each will evenly occupy your screen.

All of this can be done without dragging and resizing. All you need to press to get out is the escape key and the desktop will return to normal.

  1. Spotlight

Spotlight is a fantastic multi-purpose tool every Mac owner should know about. All you need to do is press the  command and spacebar to bring up a typing box. This is a search command, that can perform lots of different functions.

You can use this as a quick way to find everything from files to events in your calendar. It can prevent you from searching multiple folders and subfolders for the documents you need.

One of the more handy uses is the calculator. All you do is enter your equations using the number commands and special characters, and Spotlight will work it out for you. If you add currency symbols, it will draw data from Google and do conversions for you.

  1. Sign Documents Digitally

When you receive a digital document or PDF to sign, it can be a frustrating process. You need to print it out, sign it, then scan it back in. This wastes time and paper.

If you have the know-how, you can sign them directly using your Mac. Drag the PDF into an email message. Hover over it and you will see a downward-pointing arrow in the top right, click it and select markup.

At the top, you will find a box that looks like a signature. Click trackpad, and you can use your mouse or pad to sign the document digitally. You can even save it to reuse later, saving a lot of time and money.

  1. Airdrop

Airdrop is one of the best Mac features and though most people know about it, it is seriously underused. It allows you to send documents and media from one Mac to another without the use of email. It is both quick and easy.

Open the finder menu, then click the drop-down go menu. When you click on Airdrop, it will show the other devices you can send to. They must have also turned on Airdrop, so if the device you want is not listed then check it is discoverable.

All you then need to do is drag and drop to the name of the other device. They will get a notification saying they want to share the file. If they accept, it will download to their computer.

  1. Hide the Menu Bar

When you are working on multiple programs and have a smaller screen, the menu bar can be frustrating. However, there is a way to hide it until it is required.

Travel to the system preferences area. Go to the general section, then select ‘Automatically Hide and Show the Menu Bar’. Checking it will make the menu vanish, but it will reappear when your cursor goes towards the bottom of the screen.

If you don’t want to hide it fully, you can make it more useful by customizing it. All you need to do is hold command. From here, you can drag and drop menu icons or remove them.

  1. Screenshare

There are actually numerous ways for a Mac user to share their screen. The first method is using the previously mentioned Spotlight tool. Type screen sharing into the menu and click it from the drop-down selections.

A pop-up will appear. Put in the Apple ID or hostname of the person you want to share with. Click connect and you will be able to show them what you are viewing.

There are other methods in which you can share, particularly with people on the same network. This link to setapp.com will show you all the different ways you can screen share when using your mac.

  1. Utilizing the Emoji

For informal messaging, as a Mac owner, you may wish to use emojis. These are a fun way to add pictures to your correspondence. However, many people think it is only for phone usage and don’t realize you have a shortcut for them on the mac.

All you need to do is press command, ctrl, and space bar together. You will then get an emoji keyboard. Double click the emoji you want to insert and it will be dropped where your cursor is situated.

Getting the Most From Your Genius Computer

Your genius computer, commonly known as the mac, has even more potential. For work or gaming, these systems are fantastic. Take some time to learn the many functions and you are sure to get the most from it while increasing productivity.

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