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7 steps to choose the perfect Quartz countertops

Your kitchen countertop will serve you for a long time. Therefore, you have to consider the type very carefully. A countertop shines in every kitchen. But, if you want your kitchen to stand out, go for quartz countertops. It is a natural stone that is available in many colors. Also, you have got plenty of choices in quartz’ look. Keep in mind that it is a permanent thing.

Quartz exists in many styles and patterns. It has a great color palette. Still, you have to pick the one that suits your kitchen. Now that you have quartz in your mind, select the best one for your home. Similarly, it has to match your cabinets too. Also, you have to fit your sink in it too. But, this task is not impossible. 

Moreover, it is not just about looks. There is more stuff to decide. Therefore, the steps below will help you choose the perfect one for your kitchen:

  1. Look at your kitchen
  2. Choose the right color
  3. Finish and edges
  4. Try out the samples
  5. Choose the sink type
  6. Learn about its care
  7. Make up your budget

1- Look at your kitchen:

Your kitchen is the place to install your countertop. So, look at the whole area first. Then, figure out which one is best for the kitchen. The quartz countertops have various looks. But you have to choose according to your kitchen. Also, do not make a hasty decision. Even the best quartz will look out of place in the wrong location. So, make sure you pick the best area for the top surface. The design and colors come later.

2- Choose the right color:

Quartz comes in plenty of colors and patterns. Therefore, you may take the time to choose the best one. Firstly, pick the color that matches your cabinets. Secondly, consider your lighting. Both of these things are vital. These days people like to have unique countertops. If you wish for a bold look, go for black quartz. But if you want to give a neutral touch, opt for beige or crème white.

In addition, you can contrast light and dark. For instance, if you have dark cabinets, go for white quartz. There is an array of white quartz in the market. Also, you can choose white quartz for an all-white kitchen. You can pick any color for your place.

3- Finish and edges:

This step is also very crucial. The reason is that surface finish affects the look of your kitchen. For a modern look, go for a glossy finish. However, choose a matte surface for a simple look. If you want a natural look, choose a plain surface. Also, the edges are essential. If you have stylish cabinets, go for bevel edging. Well, round edges are ideal for every kitchen.

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4- Try out the samples:

When you have chosen the perfect quartz countertop, try out the samples. It is the next most important step. Also, bring samples to your home. Then, place the top on the location. In this way, you will have a better idea. Check the sample top in your lighting. Similarly, see if it goes with your cabinets. Now take a look at your kitchen with its sample.

5- Choose the sink type:

A countertop is not just a plain surface. Also, you have to fit many things in it. For instance, your sink is going to fit into it. So, choose the sink type right away. You have many choices in sink style these days. If you want to have an under-mount sink, go for it. Then, pair it with your quartz. In this way, you can pick the best one for your kitchen.  

6- Learn about its care: 

There is no doubt that quartz is easy to maintain. But you cannot ignore its importance. Every countertop needs care and cleaning. So, you can have fine-looking quartz by regular cleaning. Still, ask your retailer about its maintenance. In addition, learn about its polish. Also, look for its cleanser. These easy steps can save your time and energy.

7- Make up your budget:

Well, quartz is quite affordable than others. However, its cost depends on its quality. Therefore, make up your budget first. If you want to get it at a low price, choose ready-to-install surfaces. But if your budget allows, go for a custom option. Then, you may add your touch to it. Choose the one that comes within your range. For more quartz countertops price and cost guide ypu search it online at google.


You may have brand new quartz countertops in your mind. Most people prefer it for their kitchens. However, follow some steps to choose the best one. First of all, look at your place. Then, choose the color and pattern. Do not forget to try the sample at home. Think about every detail before you make the final call. You can get the perfect quartz from badger granite. They offer a great deal at style and price.

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