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8 Practical Tips to Improve Kitchen Storage

Whether you are cleaning your kitchen or remodeling it, do not forget to organize it. Nobody prefers a messy kitchen. Therefore, you can use your cabinets wisely to improve storage. However, if you plan to install Forevermark cabinets, go for it. They offer quality cabinets with a great scope of storage.

Well, it is one thing to install kitchen cabinetry. And it is another thing to use it. A clean and organized kitchen is not a dream. So, you have to put in some effort to improve your kitchen storage. Also, it should be practical. Similarly, it is essential to select the cabinets for the right kind of storage.

So, organizing your kitchen is crucial. However, you should take some steps to make it happen. Here are some practical tips to improve the storage of your kitchen:

  1. De-clutter your kitchen cabinets
  2. Use glass cabinets
  3. Deep drawers
  4. Store utensils
  5. Use lower cabinets
  6. Use open shelves
  7. Try hanging storage
  8. Use pullouts

1- De-clutter your kitchen cabinets

It is the first step to organizing your kitchen. First of all, take out all that you have in your cabinets. Then, throw out whatever is dirty or about to expire. Only keep the healthy stuff in your kitchen. Similarly, rearranging the items is also good. But before you buy new items for your cabinets, get rid of the old ones. 

De-cluttering is the best step to start. Also, if you want to install new cabinets, get rid of the old stuff. Then, make a list of things. Similarly, check which item goes in which cabinet? In this way, you will see the difference.

2- Use glass cabinets:

Your kitchen cabinets are easily accessible. That is why you store food items in them. If you want them to be more practical, go for glass cabinets. You can get any style of cabinets from Forevermark cabinets. For upper cabinets, choose the one with the glass doors. It makes your stuff visible. This way, you can easily organize your upper storage. 

Moreover, you can store spices and jars in the glass cabinets. Furthermore, you can store everyday items in it. It is also convenient for your family members. Also, it gives a traditional look to your kitchen.   

3- Deep drawers:

If you do not have base cabinets, use deep drawers. They vary in size and depth. So, use these storage options to organize your plates and bowls. Also, you can store your pots and pans in them. They are deep enough to carry heavy items. Moreover, it is easy to pull them out. It can improve your kitchen storage.

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4- Store cutlery:

If you have kids at home, you must think about the cutlery. In this case, use insert drawers. They are smaller in size than actual drawers. So, use them to keep your cutlery in a safe place. You can order such cabinets and drawers from Forevermark cabinets. They offer a smooth open-close mechanism. And, always store the cutlery in the upper drawers.  

5- Use lower cabinets:

Lower cabinets are good for storing heavy and light kitchen items. Do not use your countertop for appliances. However, use lower cabinets for them. Also, put your pots and pans in these cabinets. They are easy to access and use. 

In addition, use lower cabinets to keep your vertical items. For instance, use them for cutting boards and blenders. Similarly, you may stand your dishes in them. In this way, you can improve your kitchen storage.

6- Use open shelves:

Well, open shelves are not cabinets. However, they are useful than you think. Use open shelves for the items you want at hand. Also, keep your everyday stuff on them. They are visible and clean. You can display your daily use mugs and cups on the shelves. Also, you can put a small plant for decoration purposes. It looks refreshing in a kitchen. 

7- Try hanging storage:

People have been using hooks as storage for decades now. Hanging options are best to save some space in quality kitchen cabinets. So, you can fix hooks under the open shelves. You can use them for glasses and cups. Also, try to use them for lightweight items. You may hang the service spoon and the strainers on them. This storage tip comes in handy for regular use.

8- Use pullouts:

They are also a good option for organizing your kitchen. You can install pullouts with a full extension. Also, they save your time and energy. You can install them in tall cabinets and base cabinets. Similarly, use them for pots, pans, or any deep utensils. 

In addition, trash pullouts are also common these days. Put a plastic bag in the trash box. Then take out the trash when it is full. This way, you won’t have to carry the trash bin. 


Well, it is healthy to have a neat and organized kitchen. First of all, de-clutter your kitchen. If you are remodeling the place, go for Forevermark cabinets. You can get any size and depth of cabinets from there. With a perfect set of cabinetry, you can improve the storage. But, use your cabinet space wisely. Also, use open shelves and hooks for daily use items. Follow these tips to organize your kitchen.

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